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Big News!

So what does awkwardly writing a blogger profile of yourself in the third person, designing a blog button, and selecting the most appealing headshot of yourself you can find have in common? Becoming a contributor. That’s right! I’m over the top excited and thoroughly terrified to begin contributing weekly food photography and recipes to CupcakeMAG! […]

Falling in Love with Baltimore

Baltimore has been my home for nearly two months now. I’ve learned to navigate to two grocery stores, use the subway system, survive going the wrong way down a one way street, and sleep with a police helicopter shining its search light in my bedroom window. And while I’ve had little-to-no reservation about calling this […]

a standing invitation

Thankfulness. It’s something I wish would naturally pour from my heart. Instead complaints and sighs spill effortlessly. But still, God has showered me with goodness, and has graciously invited me to dine with him today. He didn’t require a certain manner of dress or appearance, just me, just my heart, open, teachable, eager. He promised […]

On Becoming Me

If you had told my high school self that at the mature old age of 26 I would be blogging about my life to the world {ok, a select few friends who kindly read my posts}, I would have been horrified. Completely aghast. In utter denial. Laugh like I was 80+ year-old Sarah overhearing she’d […]

On Receiving Gifts

The summer before my senior year of high school I joined my church youth group in traveling the globe to Cameroon, Africa. It was a dream come true for a girl who had envisioned spending the rest of her days on the African plane in a crudely constructed, thatched roof hut with a dirt floor. […]

Buckets of Peaches

Decisiveness. It’s never been my strong suit. My overly analytical nature will turn an idea round and round in my head until I’ve lost all sense of direction. Taking the idiom “look before you leap” to a whole new level, I look, sit, ponder, mull, muse, woolgather, stew, and steep until I’m so full of […]

A Root Out of Dry Ground

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but I grew up in a rather large family {nothing like this girl‘s crew featured in her fun new blog series}, a modest family of 9, 4 girls, 3 boys, 2 parents. Surprisingly, so did my husband, only there were 4 boys and 3 girls. He was second […]

Weekend Recap

Good afternoon readers! Thank you for taking time to stop in. You know I love havin’ you here. If you’re new, Mondays are the day I link up with my real life friend, Mary Beth, and share the story of my weekend through pictures. While it may not interest you that we went to the […]


There’s that sewing project again, sitting atop my dresser, still unfinished, still less than perfect, still holding claim to my agenda. Turn the corner, see the dishes piled high, food still caked on. Catch sight of the time. Guests set to arrive any moment. Dash to a mirror. Find humidity’s evidence left in my¬†hair. Stressed, […]

L’s | a consignment store

11am Monday – Friday {and 10am on Saturdays} the little consignment shop’s sign is flipped to open, lights and music turned on, and racks straightened. Often there are consigners waiting outside the doors to bring in their clothing, jewelry, and accessories first thing. The store owners, Angie and Ann know most by name and chat […]