Email: revisionaryreaders(@)gmail(dot)com

An email created especially for the purpose of communicating with you! So you know I’ll love hearing from you.


To which I’ll post blog updates, photos, and enjoy messaging back and forth with you lovely readers. Please feel free to always contact me via this forum. It’s quick and easy and oh so accessible . . .


How I wish I had invented this idea a long time ago. I was one of those brides that collected her wedding inspiration in a white 3-ring-binder by stuffing torn out magazine pages and catalog clippings into clear sheet protectors. And that was only 4 years ago! Methods change so quickly.

Here I pin recipes galore, craft ideas, inspirational beauty, and edifying quotes.


I pretty much post pictures of a lot of food. You might as well know that up front. I’m always snapping photos of some yeasty bread on the rise or lovely chopped veggies destined for greatness. That and my tiny . . . those are about the only things I post pictures of. I really need to branch out. You’re welcome to follow along if that’s your thing. @revisionarylife


Ah tweeting . . . It’s the most neglected social media I attempt at participating in. Basically my instagram photos are about the only updates that get sent chirping their way on over to this site. Again, if that’s your cup o’ tea, follow along!


This little site is just the bees knees for all you bloggy lovers. If you love organization and simplicity, this tool is going to make your heart sing. It basically allows you to collect all your favorite blog sites together in one place. Signing up is easy peezy lemon squeezy. And the best part?! They’re kind enough to only send you one email a day, updating you with what your favorite bloggers have posted. I’d be ever so grateful to all who add my little blog to their bloglovin’ list.


This tool is helpful in keeping up with all my blogger hosted friends. I really don’t post much to this site, but it’s a useful profile to have in order to easily comment and interact with other bloggers. Let me know if you’re on there too, and I’ll add you to my circles!


I’m a reader. Totally shy about saying that because I finish maybe 12 books/year nowadays, but it’s a good 12 books usually. Since I don’t devote a huge amount of time to this hobby I usually end up being pretty particular about what I choose to read each month. I’ll rate each book on goodreads after I’ve finished. So I can help you in being selective about your reading if you’re crunched for time too. m’kay?


So whatcha thinkin'?

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