I’ve been half wishing, half indifferent for a chance to dabble in editorial photography. Wishing, because it’s beautiful to me, and indifferent because I’d rather scrub toilets all day long than try something new and totally botch it. But I put it to prayer, asking God to fill my hands with a craft worth […]

The last few days of summer coincided with some breathing room in Dr. Hub’s residency schedule so we drove our special gift of a car outside city limits this past weekend to where the green grass meets the blue sky border.  We picked peaches and took photos, breathed in deep and laughed light heartedly, walked […]

It’s Monday friends, and I’m holding on to this thought as I hesitantly proceed into the future, carrying the baggage of my failures, and seeking to find rest from my anxieties. The day may be bright and promising, but there’s a darkness in my heart that I won’t let hover there. Reflecting on the goodness […]

  Mid-August?! Windows open and breeze sweeping through the house?! You bet! Welcome to {Re}visionary Life! We’re in the middle of a Cooking On Easy Street series where I’m sharing a simple, inexpensive meal each Friday this August! Today I’m sharing a favorite that winds up on the menu at least twice a month. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I sat […]

So what does awkwardly writing a blogger profile of yourself in the third person, designing a blog button, and selecting the most appealing headshot of yourself you can find have in common? Becoming a contributor. That’s right! I’m over the top excited and thoroughly terrified to begin contributing weekly food photography and recipes to CupcakeMAG! […]

Baltimore has been my home for nearly two months now. I’ve learned to navigate to two grocery stores, use the subway system, survive going the wrong way down a one way street, and sleep with a police helicopter shining its search light in my bedroom window. And while I’ve had little-to-no reservation about calling this […]

Good morning friends! It’s been a full and beautiful weekend. Dr. Hubs is on a clinic rotation, which means he gets weekends off, doesn’t have to go in until 8:30am, and gets home around 6:30pm! It’s been a treat, and I plan on drinking up as much of these two weeks as possible! {1} ducks. Met […]

Have you ever eaten at those fast food burrito restaurants? Moe’s, Qdoba, Chipotle. Well, I really enjoy them, and Chipotle happens to be my favorite. I love their philosophy of food and that they get locally sourced produce when they can. But most of all, I just love their food. And no, this isn’t a […]

My dad is the chocolate chip cookie king. I could probably count on one hand all the times my mom tried her hand at making a batch that could rival his. Even then, her baking was more a necessity due to his absence coinciding with a cookie specific craving than an attempt at dethroning his […]

Happy Monday sweet readers! I have more dishes cluttering my counters and filling my sink than I know what to do with, a husband working nights, a heart aching for my Greenville home, and a bundle of nerves in my chest as I wait for news of something slightly terrifying and exciting. But my house […]