Weekend Recap

Good afternoon readers! Thank you for taking time to stop in. You know I love havin’ you here. If you’re new, Mondays are the day I link up with my real life friend, Mary Beth, and share the story of my weekend through pictures. While it may not interest you that we went to the park, again, I genuinely hope and pray that the simple, ordinary life we’re living will encourage you, resonate with you, and inspire you in your family’s journey.


{1} easy. With a husband in residency and the task of learning a new city and way of life with a toddler, I’m trying my best to make simple, yet classy and nutritious meals. Observe: exhibit A for a new blog series coming up in August – Cooking on Easy Street. Can’t wait!

{2} movie-night. Think Sesame Street and Shaun the Sheep. Not exactly Dr. Hubs’ and my go-to favorites for a date-night, but at least we got to have a semi-uninterrupted conversation over popcorn and a happy cartoon-lovin’ toddler. Well really, she’s more like a cartoon-lovin’, popcorn-hogging, toddler, but she at least was gracious enough to share a few kernels with us.

{3} swinging. Daniel didn’t really have “time off” this weekend because he worked Friday, slept in Saturday, and returned to work Saturday at 4:30pm for a night shift. But in between he made room for a visit to the park and walk around the neighborhood. Gotta love that guy’s commitment to family.

{4, 5} exploring. We walked through ritzy Bolton Hill, and enjoyed the architecture, the doors, the brick sidewalks and the way they conform to and ripple over the roots of the trees.

{6} “honkins.” We thought it would be helpful for Ali to see Johns Hopkins so she has something to associate the words “Daddy is at work” with. He’s currently working on the 10th floor and she was quite impressed and delighted at seeing the city from such a height. We had driven to take Daniel in for his night shift though and soon had to say good-bye.

{7} park. Swings and slides are going to be my energy-zapping tools of choice to make it through these long days by myself. With Daniel leaving long before we wake and returning just after I’ve laid the dear little energy bunny down for the night, I need her to take naps. We visited an awesome and huge park right in the middle of the city. It’s a large, lovely square of green in an otherwise concrete jungle. And the playground? Sheesh, it’s got its own miniature climbing wall. ‘Nuff said.

{8} ballerina. We’ve made good use of YouTube lately to pass the time as well. One day we learned all about lizards and bought party horns to pretend we had reptile tongues. And before you go lauding me as a genius, I saw the idea in one of her cartoons. You should totally try it with your kids! She even sat through most of a National Geographic documentary on lizards.

But her real fascination has been with dancing, particularly the ballet variety. She loves putting her tu-tu on and mimicking the dancers on-screen. When she awkwardly lifts one leg in the air and half closes her eyes in somber passion I do my best to giggle silently so as not to embarrass her. But I usually end up laughing hysterically. It hasn’t discouraged her yet! Seriously considering lessons!!

{9} achingI wish, for once, that you all could just observe my life first hand, instead of through pictures, and my biased translation of them. That way this struggle to put into words what I haven’t yet figured out myself could be avoided. I could tell you about our weekend, the parks we visited, the family time we had, the yummy food we enjoyed, and leave it at that, but it would only be half the story. And I don’t like half stories.

In the middle of crafting the crust for this pizza I broke down and wept, hands still covered in dough, flour fluffed on every surface around me. Even in all the beauty and goodness of my days, there has been a poisonous ache infecting me, and I can’t seem to diagnose it or treat it. I assume that’s because it’s a chronic ache with a variety of causes rather than an acute sorrow over one particular event. I’ve been doing a lot of looking at Jesus lately, with quiet lips and questioning eyes. I’m asking for grace to abandon self-analysis long enough to hear His comfort and His direction. I’m learning that it’s ok to not know the cause or the solution. That it’s ok to cry, to be overwhelmed, and to be honest about it. To trust my husband when he says he loves me. To breathe deeply and speak slowly when I face another one of my 2-year-old’s epic meltdowns. To Skype and call family often. To walk out the door, into the sun and greet the day and the people in it. To rest.

To hope.

And while I’d love to put a happy bow on the memory box of this weekend, there just isn’t one. And that’s ok. Because happiness isn’t found in the resolution of our problems, but rather in the One Who resolves them.

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  1. Michele Walsh · · Reply

    I remember that ache (and still often feel it). Glad you are able to rest in it as it were and not have to analyze. I struggle with that… thoughts run wild. I’d guess at least part of it is homesickness… its happened with most of my moves and can’t be defined…. and part if it is new life with a resident husband. Hang in there, it will get better. And now I sound way to preachy. All I wanted to say was I hear you!!! Blessings in your journey.

    1. Thank you!! Not preachy at all. Very encouraging and helpful. You’re totally right. There’s a myriad of things that are new and overhwelming right now, and I just need to stop trying to figure out what’s wrong and just rest in grace as I take one faltering step after another through this season. Thank you! Been praying for you 🙂 Love getting your updates.

  2. oh.. i love your black and white photos.. Excellent shots!

    1. Thank you!! I had fun with ’em. 😉

  3. beautiful, Susanna! Thank you for sharing your heart and being real, and pointing to Him in it all. Hope is grace amazes you today!

    1. Oh so glad to hear that it’s pointing to Him! That is part of His grace amazing me today for sure, that He would use my words to make people look at Him is encouraging and exciting. Thank you!

  4. I think I know what you mean about aching.
    I don’t really have words for people when they hurt. Wish I could sit with you a while, instead of trying to bumble out a comment!
    We talk about hormones and PPD and PPA and baby blues and mood swings and ups and downs…sometimes I wonder if it’s not just the result of the great ripping that happens in our heart and lives when our children are born–we literally die to our selves on a daily basis, you know? It’s hard. It hurts–quite a bit.

    1. That’s a really good way of expressing it I think! Thank you for that, for joining me in the ache. Sometimes I think we try to force ourselves or others out of ache for the sake of eliminating that awkwardness, but then miss out on the treasure found in struggling through the pain together, you know? You’re so kind to encourage me, a girl you don’t even know. Really your words have done beautiful things for me. Thank you!!

  5. You pics are all amazing and I am excited for your new blog series!! So sorry to hear of your pain, I do hope you continue to stay strong and hopefully find out what is happening. Prayers and good thoughts to you and your family! Thanks for sharing your wonderful post and words of faith! Lovely blog, following, found you via the link-up!


    1. Thanks girl! I pursued our blog today as well, but didn’t have a chance to comment yet because the wee one woke up from her nap earlier than I had hoped 😉 Thank you SO much for following along and encouraging me! Really, it means so much.

  6. Susanna, when you commented on my blog on Tuesday, you used the lovely analogy of ‘sipping’ weekends, rather than ‘gulping’ them. Well, this week has very much been a gulping week, with little time to come up for air, so I am sorry it has taken me so long to comment here!
    I am excited about your ‘Cooking on Easy Street’ series!
    You write so beautifully, with great honesty and grace about the hard places – thank you for that. Keep doing those things that bring life to you in those difficult places & keep living in God’s amazing grace and mercies that are new every morning : )

    1. NO worries!! Sometimes you gotta hydrate quick and live life in the fast lane. Hope this weekend is a nice breather for ya! And thank you for that sweet word of praise! A real boost for the tired soul 🙂 Thank you Hannah!!

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