L’s | a consignment store


11am Monday – Friday {and 10am on Saturdays} the little consignment shop’s sign is flipped to open, lights and music turned on, and racks straightened.


Often there are consigners waiting outside the doors to bring in their clothing, jewelry, and accessories first thing. The store owners, Angie and Ann know most by name and chat with the ladies about their families and work.


I’ve watched and learned from these ladies for nearly a year as I’ve worked the front counter and seen them devote themselves to meeting their consigners’ and customers’ needs. Whether it was shopping alongside a customer to find that perfect dress for a banquet, helping new shoppers navigate the store, giving advice on what is flattering and what isn’t {they’re honest about it too!}, patiently and humbly listening to complaints, or providing detailed sales reports to consigners, they joyfully serve every single woman that walks through their doors.


For 4 years now, ladies have been discovering this little shop and its friendly owners. And I’ve rarely seen a time when that discovery was a disappointing one.


Not only is the customer service a favorite among the Augusta Street shops, but the inventory is so outstanding that customers are always commenting on “what nice things” are always in stock.


L’s on Augusta has a number of committed consigners that make that possible. Combine that inventory with Angie and Ann’s attention to detail and you have a shop that stands out in the crowd.


It’s true, I spent a good bit of my paychecks there . . .


There’s a little bit for everybody at L’s. Bold patterns, classic solids, whimsical neutrals, traditional prints, and modern cuts. I’ve seen woman from ages 16-85 each walk away with their own little treasures.


And there’s always a sale going on . . . but not like the JC Penny or Sears sales. Genuine sales, every day, each week. That’s how consignment stores work! Each month a whole new batch of clothes gets marked down, and that’s on top of originally being listed at a fraction of the retail price. And the sale is easy to identify as each item is marked with a specific color tag. Just look at the sale sheets posted throughout the room to spot the sale colors!


Some people are nervous about shopping consignment because they don’t want to wear already used clothing. Honestly? You can’t even tell that most of these clothes have been worn much. Each item is carefully inspected for flaws before it’s put on the floor. Everything is clean and pressed, and many are new with tags!


But better than the sales, the clothes, or the shop are the friendships I made with Angie and Ann. They took me without any retail experience and mentored me with patience and kindness along the way. They were flexible with me when I needed time off, understood when I had to stay home with a sick toddler, and hugged me when I needed to leave work early to nurse a migraine. They were never short or curt with me. And that’s how I knew they treated their customers with honest courtesy and not the fake kind you give when trying to get something from someone.


It was a joy to work here, and I’ll miss it once I’ve moved. I don’t know where to find another store quite like it.

In celebration of my time at L’s and in the spirit of giving back the way Angie and Ann do, they are sponsoring the giveaway I’ll be launching tomorrow. I hope you’ll check back to see the lovely things we have set aside for you dear readers!

Until tomorrow . . .

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