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Almond Sugar Cookies

This last September my husband went away to Delaware for a month. That was before we knew we would be moving to Baltimore, before he even started interviewing for residency. So much has changed since then. Not my love of sweets, however! Baking is a weekly indulgence, part of my life’s rhythm. And when my […]

Strawberry Poptarts

If you haven’t picked up on my love of food yet, sweets and carbs namely, you’re either new here or slightly oblivious {no offense}. So when my creative sister-in-law gave me a potted strawberry plant, accompanied by recipes for all things strawberry for Christmas I began to feel like this family I married into was […]

Annapolis Recipe Swap: Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

You may have noticed that I have zero graphic design/blog formatting skillz . . . zilch, nada, nothing. To learn is a dream of mine that I will one day pursue. Given the fact that “one day” is most likely a ways away, I’m pretty pumped about this new series being started over at Annapolis […]

Strawberry/Raspberry Streusel Galette

Raspberries are $1.99 this week at Publix! So I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make one of my favorite summer time desserts. {Strawberry/Raspberry Streusel Galette}  (1) ingredients: Before you get too freaked out at the amount of butter in this recipe, know that it makes enough to yield 3 disks of dough. Still, it’s […]

A Pick-ture Perfect Day

Last Friday I was getting ready to leave my house to visit with a friend and was pleasantly surprised by a welcome shiver as I stepped out onto the porch wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I couldn’t believe it! With the giddiness of a child on Christmas morning I dashed back into the house and […]