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I’m a Contributor!

  I’ve been half wishing, half indifferent for a chance to dabble in editorial photography. Wishing, because it’s beautiful to me, and indifferent because I’d rather scrub toilets all day long than try something new and totally botch it. But I put it to prayer, asking God to fill my hands with a craft worth […]

Strawberry Poptarts

If you haven’t picked up on my love of food yet, sweets and carbs namely, you’re either new here or slightly oblivious {no offense}. So when my creative sister-in-law gave me a potted strawberry plant, accompanied by recipes for all things strawberry for Christmas I began to feel like this family I married into was […]

Tour of Scones

I did something slightly crazy on Friday afternoon. It was rather impulsive with slightly questionable motivations. I may have convinced myself that it was for the sake of stocking our freezer with endless quick and yummy breakfast options. I may have been under the impression that my baking was kinda healthy because I was using […]

Cinnamon Chip Scones

Cinnamon Chip Scones Looking for a special, yet easy, breakfast option while you’re still hosting family for the holidays? (Or perhaps you’re like me and don’t need an excuse for a yummy morning meal.) Well, have I got a recipe for you!  Daniel came home one day from work raving about the cinnamon chip scones […]

Big Apple Pancake

Though cooking and baking are things I thoroughly enjoy, producing “second helping” worthy food is not my specialty, especially if left to my own without any kind of recipe to follow. For my sister-in-law Trinity however, hardly has a guest ever left her table without a smile and a few extra pounds to be worked […]