If you were to join us for dinner one evening you would almost certainly find an empty table when you arrived, dinner still cooking on the stove or possibly approaching well done {read: over-done} in the oven. My husband would greet you at the door as I run to lock myself in the bathroom to apply a quick coat of make-up and run a brush though my hair. I would then invite you in and insist you ignore the “please take your shoes off” sign as I haven’t mopped in a few weeks, and I’ve just given up on keeping the floors clean. About 30 minutes after your arrival, and countless apologies for the lateness of supper and your kind offers to help me get my act together, we would sit down to a {hopefully} scrumptious meal and an awkward pause as I snap a few photos of the dish for the blog with my iPad. You would probably join my husband in enjoying a few laughs at my quirkiness, pray with us, dig in, and share fun, stop-and-start conversation as my 2-year-old interjects with her contribution to the meal-time dialogue.

I do so love hosting dinners!

I hope the recipes I post here will be a way we can share meals together, conversation together, and kitchen inspiration together!

Welcome to my table!

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