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Cooking On Easy Street :: Bruschetta

  Mid-August?! Windows open and breeze sweeping through the house?! You bet! Welcome to {Re}visionary Life! We’re in the middle of a Cooking On Easy Street series where I’m sharing a simple, inexpensive meal each Friday this August! Today I’m sharing a favorite that winds up on the menu at least twice a month. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I sat […]

Cooking on Easy Street :: Chipotle Inspired Burrito Bowl

Have you ever eaten at those fast food burrito restaurants? Moe’s, Qdoba, Chipotle. Well, I really enjoy them, and Chipotle happens to be my favorite. I love their philosophy of food and that they get locally sourced produce when they can. But most of all, I just love their food. And no, this isn’t a […]

Cooking On Easy Street :: Chicken Pesto Pasta

I’m so excited about this series, you guys! I am all about making things from scratch, trying new things, putting my cooking skills to the test, holding my breath to see if something’s turned out just right. But let’s be honest, one can only do all that for so long before getting worn out, especially if you […]