Ever since the time my homeschooling mom forced me to read David Copperfield for class I have loved reading. Admitedly the book wasn’t my favorite. I still remember moaning about having to read it. Reading really became an obsession when I was subscribed to a history series for kids that provided me with two new books each month. Two books that I read in a matter of two days. The other 28 days of each month were lived in sheer suspense as I waited on the next couple books in the series.

Since the days of homeschooling my tastes in literature have changed with each new season of life, partly due to necessity {time restrictions}, partly due to desparation {how do I raise this child?!}, and partly due to growing up {I hope}. My current goal is to read an average of one book/month and to write a brief review each time I finish a new one.

Reading has played a huge part in shaping who I am, my interests, my visions, and my understanding of the world and my God. Whether it’s been through biographies {my main reading digest}, Christian living, blogs, or fiction I’ve watched the horizons of my imagination and dreams expand. So please, offer your suggestions and favorite reads! I’d love to creep outside of my reading comfort zone and travel new roads of thought.

I will generally post reviews of what I read, but to get a quick look at what I’m currently reading or have read, check out my goodreads shelf!


So whatcha thinkin'?

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