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Peach Picking :: Peach Basil & Balsamic Pizza

The last few days of summer coincided with some breathing room in Dr. Hub’s residency schedule so we drove our special gift of a car outside city limits this past weekend to where the green grass meets the blue sky border.  We picked peaches and took photos, breathed in deep and laughed light heartedly, walked […]

Falling in Love with Baltimore

Baltimore has been my home for nearly two months now. I’ve learned to navigate to two grocery stores, use the subway system, survive going the wrong way down a one way street, and sleep with a police helicopter shining its search light in my bedroom window. And while I’ve had little-to-no reservation about calling this […]

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday sweet readers! I have more dishes cluttering my counters and filling my sink than I know what to do with, a husband working nights, a heart aching for my Greenville home, and a bundle of nerves in my chest as I wait for news of something slightly terrifying and exciting. But my house […]

a standing invitation

Thankfulness. It’s something I wish would naturally pour from my heart. Instead complaints and sighs spill effortlessly. But still, God has showered me with goodness, and has graciously invited me to dine with him today. He didn’t require a certain manner of dress or appearance, just me, just my heart, open, teachable, eager. He promised […]

Black Bean Burgers on Pretzel Buns

It’s funny how much you can hide by zooming in on your camera’s subject. The small kitchen bursting at the seams with dirty dishes, the 2-year-old bouncing on the dining room chair chanting “Yummy, yummy! Mommy can I touch? Can I eat it? Mommy?! Mommmyyy!!”, the playful smirk on your husband’s face as he tries to humor […]

Our Baltimore Home

Even of my earliest memories the most vivid are those of home. A home-body, I guess you could call me, I’m typically found reading, quietly typing away on my blog, cleaning, playing with my baby girl, or exploring my immediate outdoor surroundings. Home is where life happens, where you learn to love, find rest, bring […]