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Peach Picking :: Peach Basil & Balsamic Pizza

The last few days of summer coincided with some breathing room in Dr. Hub’s residency schedule so we drove our special gift of a car outside city limits this past weekend to where the green grass meets the blue sky border.  We picked peaches and took photos, breathed in deep and laughed light heartedly, walked […]

Weekend Recap

It’s Monday friends, and I’m holding on to this thought as I hesitantly proceed into the future, carrying the baggage of my failures, and seeking to find rest from my anxieties. The day may be bright and promising, but there’s a darkness in my heart that I won’t let hover there. Reflecting on the goodness […]

Weekend Recap

Good morning friends! It’s been a full and beautiful weekend. Dr. Hubs is on a clinic rotation, which means he gets weekends off, doesn’t have to go in until 8:30am, and gets home around 6:30pm! It’s been a treat, and I plan on drinking up as much of these two weeks as possible! {1} ducks. Met […]

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday sweet readers! I have more dishes cluttering my counters and filling my sink than I know what to do with, a husband working nights, a heart aching for my Greenville home, and a bundle of nerves in my chest as I wait for news of something slightly terrifying and exciting. But my house […]

Weekend Recap

Ah, Monday, the day I sleep in, bum around the house, take care of the dishes that have piled high all weekend, maybe throw in a load of laundry, take a walk, call a friend, and reflect on the gifts of our weekends. {1} shadow play. Aletheia’s curiosity and understanding has grown significantly since we’ve moved. […]

Weekened Recap

It’s a new week friends! Chock full of new opportunities, owies, adventures, aggravations, discoveries, and diaper changes. It’s only 2:20pm Monday afternoon, and I think we’ve already experienced all of the above. After a fun park visit, a potty accident, arriving at a Trader Joe’s location only to find they’ve moved or something, discovering another […]

A Root Out of Dry Ground

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but I grew up in a rather large family {nothing like this girl‘s crew featured in her fun new blog series}, a modest family of 9, 4 girls, 3 boys, 2 parents. Surprisingly, so did my husband, only there were 4 boys and 3 girls. He was second […]

Weekend Recap: Graduation Edition

Jumping back into another full week of work, house hunting, moving prep, and family time over here! But before all of that takes place, it’s time to join the weekend link up community where memories are stored up, inspiration is found, and life is celebrated. Join the fun over at Annapolis & Company! {link up […]

20 memories at 20 months

{20 things I want to remember about my 20-month-old tiny girl} 1. rolling the soccer ball }{ An activity she gets really excited about, especially when Daniel does it with her. 2. “helping” with the dishes }{ She transfers the dish water from one side of the sink to the other as I’m washing. Sometimes […]

18 months young

Happy half birthday to my tiny, Aletheia. She reached the 18 month mark this past Saturday. Do you ever have those thoughts that start with “When I have money I’ll buy ______”? Well, I do. Often. This past weekend I filled in the blank with “professional camera” most often. I would love to take high quality […]