Tour of Scones

I did something slightly crazy on Friday afternoon. It was rather impulsive with slightly questionable motivations.
I may have convinced myself that it was for the sake of stocking our freezer with endless quick and yummy breakfast options.
I may have been under the impression that my baking was kinda healthy because I was using half whole wheat white flour in every batch.
{Forget the fact that I was using a whole box of butter and half a package of bacon . . .} 
Perhaps I even believed that I was giving my 2-year-old valuable baking experience since I let her lend a {not so} helping hand for a batch or two.
But seriously, who was I kidding? 
I really just wanted some scones: scones with bacon, scones with fruit, scones with chocolate, scones with glazes, scones sprinkled in sugar, and lots of them.
After turning out 6 different varieties you can only imagine what a disaster I had created for myself {or so you don’t have to, just refer to the picture below}.
Ali was more than willing to help me clean {read: lick} up.
To get storage ready I just laid them out on a cookie sheet and put it in the freezer until hardened. Once firm, they got put in freezer bags with their time and temp instructions written on the front for easy breakfast accessibility.
We sampled one of each that night, and I have to say, the bacon, cheddar, and chive was my favorite. I’ll take savory over sweet just about any day. Pumpkin was a close second.
So you can have your own tour of scones, here are the links to the recipes I used:
The mess was huge, the products were so worth it.


  1. Love it! I always tell myself…this is the month I will cook ahead and have stuff in the freezer. Pretty sure that happened one month like 2 years ago when Keller was first born. Never since. Ah…mb, get your act together in March, girlfriend! Looks so good, by the way, and you have the messy kitchen to prove it. Mine's just messy with nothing to prove.

  2. Yummy. These look divine. I think the one that sounds the best to me is the blueberry/lemon. YUM. I can almost taste it…

  3. Right there with ya. This was an out of the ordinary thing motivated out of pure baked goods lust. Still, prepping and freezing meals has always sounded like a good idea . . . I just wish I did it more often. Maybe we can get our heads together and plan on a freezer menu, eh?

  4. The lemon glaze totally makes it! Super easy and would make a nice addition to your freezer series don't ya think? 🙂

  5. How fun:) I pinned it!

  6. […] . . for daddy/daughter date nights and mommy/scone cravings . . […]

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