Weekend Recap


Weekends are for breathing in deep . . .


. . . for introducing my tiny to the big outdoor world, and taking several more deep breaths as she screams in our face the whole way home because she didn’t want to get off the subway . . .

. . . for celebrating the birth and beauty of our country with new friends in a new place . . .


. . . for getting away with my Love and catching up after his 75 hour/5 day work-week . . .

. . . for trying new restaurants {Lumbini} and dreaming of owning a set of copper bowls . . .

blueberry basket

. . . for plugging into church community instead of checking out . . .

. . . for reading a book {Tolkien’s biography} and being inspired . . .

. . . for sleeping in with my love after having not seen him in a day until 8:30PM every night . . .

. . . for daddy/daughter date nights and mommy/scone cravings . . .

. . . for baking, for cameras, for home, for adventures, for rest, for activity . . .

. . . for living . . .

. . . for memories.

What are your weekends for?

{linking up to Annapolis & Company}



  1. Hi Susanna. what a lovely list and sounds like a weekend filled with all of those small and big precious moments that life is made up of. I love weekends for baking, my Church community (always so refreshing and such a blessing!) and trying to take life slowly : )

    1. I need to learn to take life slowly! My husband is complaining that I am always on the go and doing something or other and that I need to learn to sit still and just relax. Maybe you could teach me? 🙂 Haha! Enjoyed your lovely weekend photos girl. Happy to have found you through the link up.

  2. love the pictures… they have such a width and rest, totally reflect your thoughts!

    1. Thank you Noni! “Playing” photographer is so much fun isn’t it??

  3. we took our 2 mo old to church for the first time this Sunday!

    1. So exciting!! That’s a big milestone . . . for both of you! It’s great to get out of the house.

  4. Such an awesome list. This sounds a lot like our weekends!

  5. I’m a fan of all of the above! It sounds and looks like a refreshing weekend! 🙂

    1. Oh it was lovely! Even with the screaming toddler 😉

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