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I’m a Contributor!

  I’ve been half wishing, half indifferent for a chance to dabble in editorial photography. Wishing, because it’s beautiful to me, and indifferent because I’d rather scrub toilets all day long than try something new and totally botch it. But I put it to prayer, asking God to fill my hands with a craft worth […]

Peach Picking :: Peach Basil & Balsamic Pizza

The last few days of summer coincided with some breathing room in Dr. Hub’s residency schedule so we drove our special gift of a car outside city limits this past weekend to where the green grass meets the blue sky border.  We picked peaches and took photos, breathed in deep and laughed light heartedly, walked […]

Cooking On Easy Street :: Bruschetta

  Mid-August?! Windows open and breeze sweeping through the house?! You bet! Welcome to {Re}visionary Life! We’re in the middle of a Cooking On Easy Street series where I’m sharing a simple, inexpensive meal each Friday this August! Today I’m sharing a favorite that winds up on the menu at least twice a month. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I sat […]

Cooking on Easy Street :: Chipotle Inspired Burrito Bowl

Have you ever eaten at those fast food burrito restaurants? Moe’s, Qdoba, Chipotle. Well, I really enjoy them, and Chipotle happens to be my favorite. I love their philosophy of food and that they get locally sourced produce when they can. But most of all, I just love their food. And no, this isn’t a […]

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday sweet readers! I have more dishes cluttering my counters and filling my sink than I know what to do with, a husband working nights, a heart aching for my Greenville home, and a bundle of nerves in my chest as I wait for news of something slightly terrifying and exciting. But my house […]

Cooking On Easy Street :: Chicken Pesto Pasta

I’m so excited about this series, you guys! I am all about making things from scratch, trying new things, putting my cooking skills to the test, holding my breath to see if something’s turned out just right. But let’s be honest, one can only do all that for so long before getting worn out, especially if you […]

Almond Sugar Cookies

This last September my husband went away to Delaware for a month. That was before we knew we would be moving to Baltimore, before he even started interviewing for residency. So much has changed since then. Not my love of sweets, however! Baking is a weekly indulgence, part of my life’s rhythm. And when my […]

Black Bean Burgers on Pretzel Buns

It’s funny how much you can hide by zooming in on your camera’s subject. The small kitchen bursting at the seams with dirty dishes, the 2-year-old bouncing on the dining room chair chanting “Yummy, yummy! Mommy can I touch? Can I eat it? Mommy?! Mommmyyy!!”, the playful smirk on your husband’s face as he tries to humor […]

Balsamic Chicken Sandwiches

My mom used to try and coax me into the kitchen when I still lived at home, teach me a few things, show me that there was more to life than studying Biology and failing Chemistry. But since I was muddling through Chemistry and working towards gaining acceptance into a Physician’s Assistant program, I always […]

No Work Bread

This is a great bread recipe that requires little hands on time . . . hence the name: “no work bread.” While little work is involved, much foresight is required. Will you be needing bread tomorrow? Start this right now. It takes 5 minutes to get it going. Walk away and return in roughly 24 […]