Weekend Recap

{1} on demand. I got the crazy impulse to make 6 different varieties of scones at once on Friday afternoon. The thought of being able to pop a homemade scone from the freezer into the oven whenever craving strikes was rather appealing to me. Dr. Hubs didn’t object one bit and was later found pairing a cinnamon chip scone with his afternoon chai. In payment for my scone baking services I demanded a picture. As you can see, he patiently obliged. {Enjoy your own Tour of Scones.}
{2} proof. I caught a rare moment of the Ali kid’s unusual bed-time behavior: she actually laid down by herself and didn’t cry once while falling asleep. A historical picture if there ever was one. Daniel sweetly tucked her {and her beloved stuffed animals} in under the blankets, sang some songs, and she did the rest. Refreshing. 
{3} roasted. If you’ve read a few of these weekend recaps you’ll find that the majority of pictures are of food. It’s a habit I have a hard time breaking. Meal prep is more relaxed on the weekends, hence there’s more time to cook what we want, hence there are more pictures. Please humor me. We enjoyed some brown butter pancakes with roasted strawberries for dinner Sunday night, and were mighty pleased with the flavor. Though pancakes aren’t my husband’s first choice, he’s awesome enough to allow me to pursue my breakfast-for-dinner-obsession from time-to-time.
{4} snow. The better part of my Saturday was spent at the church babysitting some kiddos during an adult group study that was going on. I knew there was a 30% chance of snow, but I had absolutely zero expectation that it would actually happen! Even when the first snowflakes began to fall and the kids began announcing their intentions of building snowmen I was skeptical and tried to encourage them not to get their hopes up. Boy was I ever wrong and glad to be so. We had a proper snowball fight and made several snow angles. That was the sweetest part, because this 2-year-old {not mine} holding her snow began attempts at snow angles in the dried up brown grass when only 5 snowflakes had touched down on the ground. It was a sweetly pitiful sight, but she must have known something I hadn’t. Her enthusiasm as the snow piled up was priceless.
{5} schooled. Sunday afternoon a classmate of Daniel’s who was recently engaged had us over for lunch, but not just to eat it. He taught us how to make it. He and his fiance were kind enough to show us how authentic Indian cuisine is prepared {or at least how it’s prepared using the limited kitchen tools of a bachelor}. It was delicious, and we can’t wait to try preparing it ourselves! Thank you Rishabh and Richa! 
{6} church. You know those weeks were you’ve been wrestling with questions of the faith, with the sin of your own heart, with understanding what the gospel really means for every day life? Well, I had one of those weeks. Perhaps it was because I was really sick. Nah, scratch that. I struggle with it most every week. For me, the sweetness of the Spirit is often expressed through the teaching of the Word on Sundays. It’s a salve, a confirmation of my Christian identity. Questions are answered {or at least touched on}. Sin is exposed and repented of. The gospel is understood anew and through it I’m given new hope, new eyes, new life. This morning my spirit rejoices in the kindness and faithfulness of God’s Spirit. What a beautiful thing to belong to the King.
What are some specific ways you enjoyed beauty this weekend? 
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  1. Oh, pretty snow and scones and roasted strawberry pancakes…looks like a cozy kind of weekend. Your photography is getting so good, Susanna! Very, very pretty…everything!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What an encouraging blogger friend you are. 😉 the iPad does a pretty decent job takin photos huh? A savings fund has begun for the real deal camera. Maybe in a few years I can start learning to be as good as you. Do you offer a correspondence photography course? 😉

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