I’m so excited about this series, you guys! I am all about making things from scratch, trying new things, putting my cooking skills to the test, holding my breath to see if something’s turned out just right. But let’s be honest, one can only do all that for so long before getting worn out, especially if you […]

Thankfulness. It’s something I wish would naturally pour from my heart. Instead complaints and sighs spill effortlessly. But still, God has showered me with goodness, and has graciously invited me to dine with him today. He didn’t require a certain manner of dress or appearance, just me, just my heart, open, teachable, eager. He promised […]

If you had told my high school self that at the mature old age of 26 I would be blogging about my life to the world {ok, a select few friends who kindly read my posts}, I would have been horrified. Completely aghast. In utter denial. Laugh like I was 80+ year-old Sarah overhearing she’d […]

Ah, Monday, the day I sleep in, bum around the house, take care of the dishes that have piled high all weekend, maybe throw in a load of laundry, take a walk, call a friend, and reflect on the gifts of our weekends. {1} shadow play. Aletheia’s curiosity and understanding has grown significantly since we’ve moved. […]

This last September my husband went away to Delaware for a month. That was before we knew we would be moving to Baltimore, before he even started interviewing for residency. So much has changed since then. Not my love of sweets, however! Baking is a weekly indulgence, part of my life’s rhythm. And when my […]

The summer before my senior year of high school I joined my church youth group in traveling the globe to Cameroon, Africa. It was a dream come true for a girl who had envisioned spending the rest of her days on the African plane in a crudely constructed, thatched roof hut with a dirt floor. […]

Decisiveness. It’s never been my strong suit. My overly analytical nature will turn an idea round and round in my head until I’ve lost all sense of direction. Taking the idiom “look before you leap” to a whole new level, I look, sit, ponder, mull, muse, woolgather, stew, and steep until I’m so full of […]

It’s a new week friends! Chock full of new opportunities, owies, adventures, aggravations, discoveries, and diaper changes. It’s only 2:20pm Monday afternoon, and I think we’ve already experienced all of the above. After a fun park visit, a potty accident, arriving at a Trader Joe’s location only to find they’ve moved or something, discovering another […]

It’s funny how much you can hide by zooming in on your camera’s subject. The small kitchen bursting at the seams with dirty dishes, the 2-year-old bouncing on the dining room chair chanting “Yummy, yummy! Mommy can I touch? Can I eat it? Mommy?! Mommmyyy!!”, the playful smirk on your husband’s face as he tries to humor […]

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but I grew up in a rather large family {nothing like this girl‘s crew featured in her fun new blog series}, a modest family of 9, 4 girls, 3 boys, 2 parents. Surprisingly, so did my husband, only there were 4 boys and 3 girls. He was second […]