Weekend Recap

It’s Monday friends, and I’m holding on to this thought as I hesitantly proceed into the future, carrying the baggage of my failures, and seeking to find rest from my anxieties. The day may be bright and promising, but there’s a darkness in my heart that I won’t let hover there. Reflecting on the goodness of God in my past {even over the weekend} settles my confidence in His control over the future. Let’s embrace the day.


{1} painting. Friday morning we threw open the windows and let in the breeze. Blowing with it a creative wind, Aletheia and I broke out her paint set, and now we have the loveliest of galleries on display right on my fridge.

{2} baking. It’d be a stretch to say the weather put me in a baking mood as well, for I’m hardly ever not in the mood, but we’ll say that was the cause, the reason I ate so many cinnamon rolls. At this rate, I see a baked goods fast in my near future.

{3} babysitting. I actually really enjoy babysitting another kid around Ali’s age. For kinda selfish reasons though. It makes parenting a whole lot easier. She’s happier, more occupied, more creative, more content when she has another little friend over. It’s great! A friend and I swapped childcare this weekend so we could both get a date night in, and Ali diligently entertained, fed, and took care of her little friend. Their excited squeals were so loud and shrill that they rivaled the city sirens.

{4, 5} peaches and markets. With Dr. Hubs about to begin a wicked crazy busy rotation, we tried to take advantage of his last full weekend off for who knows how long. Peach picking seemed like fun, so we took a short trip outside the city and were greatly entertained by Aletheia’s enthusiasm for the task. Once we had picked  a few {less than 7 lbs} she wasted no time in chomping into the fruit of her labor.

Associated with the orchard was a delightful indoor farmer’s market, full of treats, produce, and all things homemade. We let Aletheia pick out a puppet from their toy section, using her budgeted money for the month, but upon proceeding to the check out line, she threw herself on the ground, demanding a 1/2 pint of blackberries instead. We explained that she had to choose one or the other and that if she continued to roll around on the ground she would not be getting either one. She got up and poutily pointed at the berries. Surprised, we agreed and were happy to save ourselves $18.00.

{6-8} dating. It feels so humbling that we get to do life together, that our love is growing, that we still enjoy each other’s company. The love hasn’t grown without thorns, without weeds that have been painful to remove, but it’s reaching up to the Sun and thriving in the Light. I love dating this guy, sharing my heart with him, walking around this new city and discovering new corners of happiness. Baltimore’s Fells Point was just such a place. I’m so thankful for the refreshment of my Love’s company.

{9} creating. Using our loot from the orchard and the basil plant we bought last week, we joined forces to create this delicious combination: peach, basil, balsamic pizza. And yes, I’ll be posting the recipe tomorrow.

It’s going to be a week full of recipes and pictures people! Tomorrow the pizza, Wednesday, my first post for CupcakeMAG, and Friday the 4th installment to the Cooking On Easy Street series. Come hungry!

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  1. Those look like amazing cinnamon rolls.

    1. Unfortunately . . . too amazing. Me and yeasty breads need to take a break from seeing each other for a while 😉 Better Home and Gardens cookbook is where you’ll find the recipe. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. […] in Dr. Hub’s residency schedule so we drove our special gift of a car outside city limits this past weekend to where the green grass meets the blue sky border.  We picked peaches and took photos, breathed […]

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