Cooking On Easy Street :: Bruschetta



Mid-August?! Windows open and breeze sweeping through the house?! You bet! Welcome to {Re}visionary Life! We’re in the middle of a Cooking On Easy Street series where I’m sharing a simple, inexpensive meal each Friday this August!

Today I’m sharing a favorite that winds up on the menu at least twice a month.



I sat down at the table exhausted one day, caving in to yet another fast food run. I was fresh out of ideas and clean out of energy, with no motivation to cook.

Clean eating? That was a wistful thought.

Fresh ingredients? Too expensive.

Cooking On Easy Street :: Bruschetta | {Re}visionary Life

But sitting at the table next to me was a lady who knew how to live on a tight budget and still eat well, the kind of food that fuels a body beyond 1 hour post-lunch.

Her lunch? The lunch she had served her family? A bowl of chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, salt, pepper, and mozzarella cheese with a side of toasted crostini slices.

And it was so simple that it blew my mind. I sat there staring at my fried sandwich, feeling slightly cheated. How come I never thought to make a perfectly good appetizer into a meal? How come I never think outside the box?

So I decided to stop having my pathetic little pity party and steal her idea. What else was I supposed to do? Thanks Trin, for being so awesomely simple sometimes. Her simple living lifestyle has inspired me since the day I married into this crazy family. You should totally follow her on Pinterest. Loveliest. Boards. Ever.

Cooking On Easy Street :: Bruschetta | {Re}visionary Life


{2 entree servings}



3 vine ripened tomatoes, chopped  

10-15 basil leaves, cut in chiffonade 

shredded mozzarella cheese, to taste 

salt & pepper, to taste

1 clove garlic, peeled

1 french baguette, sliced thin

olive oil



Combine. Toss together chopped tomatoes, basil, cheese, and salt and pepper, to taste. Set aside.

Bread. Turn broiler on high. Slice baguette in thin slices and arrange on cookie sheet. {Or ask your grocer to slice the bread for you when you buy it if you know you’re going to use it right away!}* Lightly toast both sides under the broiler. {Keep your eye on them!} Brush with olive oil and rub the garlic clove over each piece. {It works like chalk, the more you rub your surface with it, the smaller the piece becomes.}

{Now you can stop there and stick a tablespoon in the bowl so it’s a self serve meal, with each person spooning the toppings onto slices as they want. Or you can go one step further.}

Optional. Spoon toppings onto each toasted slice and place back under the broiler until cheese is just melted.



We usually serve this meal with fruit or maybe some almonds on the side. If your kids turn their noses up at it, reserve some un-topped bread slices and some shredded cheese and serve that a-la-carte or give ’em cheese sticks to be extra special. Along with the fruit and almonds, they really have all they need.

On the same level of easy as grilled cheese if you ask me!

*{Another way to speed this meal up is to buy pre-toasted bread slices from your store’s bakery.}


Thank you all for pinning these recipes! You know how to make a girl feel like she’s doing something right, like she can get the hang of this food photography thing eventually. Because of you, I’ll be . . .

. . . starting next Wednesday as a weekly contributor for CupcakeMAG, and I can’t wait!




  1. aleandtere · · Reply

    looks delish!!! my husband LOVES tomatoes… i’m sure this will be a hit. funny story… i bout a jar of that O-live oil and my husband used it to deep fry fish! i nearly had a heart attack!!!

    1. Bahahahaha! Soooo funny! What’s even funnier is that I told my husband that story and he looked at me with pure innocence and said, “What’s wrong with that?” 😉 Hope he enjoys the bruschetta!

      1. aleandtere · ·


  2. That looks SO yummy! I want to try this! 🙂

    1. Do it!! And let me know how you like ’em. I won’t be offended if they’re not your favorite . . . surprised maybe. But not offended 😉

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