Weekend Recap

Good morning friends! It’s been a full and beautiful weekend. Dr. Hubs is on a clinic rotation, which means he gets weekends off, doesn’t have to go in until 8:30am, and gets home around 6:30pm! It’s been a treat, and I plan on drinking up as much of these two weeks as possible!


{1} ducks. Met up with several of the other resident wives {and husbands!} and their kids for a play date to feed the ducks and enjoy the park swings and slides.

{2} wild and free. Donning her cape {hooded towel} and grabbing her scepter {wooden spoon} and running through the house stark naked is her favorite after-bath activity. Watching her is ours.

{3} baltimore. I took my first run here as a Baltimore resident {yes, it’s been 2 months sans exercise}, and it did more to make me feel at home than just about anything else. More on that tomorrow.

{4} shopping. We’ve been enjoying our Trader Joe’s runs over here. So glad to have one just 20 minutes away. While Dr. Hubs got some much needed relaxing alone time next door at Starbucks, baby girl helped me bag the produce, spot the milk, and unload the cart. I’ve found the more involved she is in the process, the more likely she is to be content with sitting in the cart, making the whole experience much more enjoyable.

{5} slowing down. I’m a doer. I like to get things done and never have a moment where I can’t think of something I could be working on. So I tend to just keep going, full steam ahead, racing from one task to the next. And while my husband is as hard working as they come, he knows how to relax. While I was busily cleaning up the kitchen and putting away dishes, throwing in a load of laundry, picking up the clutter, Dr. Hubs texted me to say how lovely it was on the fire escape outside our window. Smiling at his subtle way of coaxing me away from work, I put down my wash rag and snuck out the window to join him. We sat there and enjoyed the breeze, talked about our new lives as Baltimore residents, and drank in the breeze.

{6} friends. One of the perks of having Daniel home for an entire weekend is that we get to hang out with friends. Ricky and Karlyn kindly treated us to desserts and conversation at Atwaters cafe, blessing us in more ways than one.

{7} Fred. This little green frog puppet, named Fred, and stuffed dog, named Piper, accompany us just about everywhere these days – to the park, on walks, to bed time, to church, to the bathroom. In fact, they’ve become the single, most effective parenting tool we own. Discovering that Ali enjoys holding conversations with these two {mainly about going to the park} and is pleased to follow directions coming from their imaginary mouths, potty time, nap time, and meal time have all become much, much easier. If Fred goes potty, Ali wants to too. If Fred lays down, so does Ali {initially anyway}. If Fred tries a bite of dinner, Ali is curious enough to test it herself. Sure, we realize our authority has been replaced by a furry green puppet with bulging eyes, but hey, it works, and there is much happiness in the land of no-screaming.

{8} sleep. Sometimes I love to stare at her sweet cheeks as she sleeps.

{9} friends, take 2. Another couple had us over to their amazing apartment building for some homemade pasta and marinara sauce, followed by brown sugar cookies with brown butter icing. Wow! The food was pretty much amazing, but their open hearts filled us up even more. They shared their stories of God’s grace and listened to ours as well. It was a lovely evening of worship with new friends.

So blessed. So encouraged.

Check back on Wednesday for an extremely exciting announcement that I’m dying to tell you all!!

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