Weekened Recap

It’s a new week friends! Chock full of new opportunities, owies, adventures, aggravations, discoveries, and diaper changes. It’s only 2:20pm Monday afternoon, and I think we’ve already experienced all of the above. After a fun park visit, a potty accident, arriving at a Trader Joe’s location only to find they’ve moved or something, discovering another awesome Trader Joe location {and managing to stay under budget, I might add!!}, slamming my wee one’s fingers in the car door, and watching a mouse scurry around the corner as I help the injured babe fall asleep, I think I’m ready for a nap or some more monkey bread or both.

But first, let’s rewind a bit, shall we? Recapping the weekend . . .


{1} favorite. Here’s another sneak peek of what’s on the menu for the new blog series coming up in August: Cooking on Easy Street. It’s probably my favorite of all that I have planned for you guys!! Unfortunately, this mediocre photograph came at great sacrifice to our little table. Apparently cooked chicken can burn wood. Just a little heads up for all you aspiring food photographers out there looking to preserve your dining space . . . and your emotional stability. Personally, I forfeited both and didn’t even get a decent photograph out of the deal. Can I call for a redo, please?!

{2} brunch. Dr. Hubs had the weekend off! That’s big news because it was his first day off in 2 weeks. And when your hubby doesn’t get home til 8:30pm most nights, that’s a big deal. The pastor’s family kindly kept Ali for us as we stole away for a little brunch date at Shirley’s cafe. We talked about his work, how we can support each other in this new season of life, and what in the world we are doing as parents. I asked him what he thought my niche was in Baltimore, in life, in the cosmic continuum of the universe, and gave me a smirk that reminded me that I take myself much too seriously sometimes. He pointed out that I might be asking the wrong question and told me a story instead of giving me an answer . . . that whole speaking in parables thing kinda irked me for the first couple years of our marriage and made me wonder if Jesus’ disciples ever felt the same way. But I’ve come to really appreciate it, to see it as something that helps me think, learn, process. None of that ever happens when someone hands you an answer all mapped out. So thanks Babe!

{3} wisdom. Thank you all for your overwhelmingly loving, encouraging, and edifying responses to my blog post last week! It meant so much and helped quiet a lot of fear. The way you all have come alongside me and others in this blogging community is beautiful to see and experience. Thank you! I really can’t say it enough. In addition to you guys sharing your hearts with me, I had a great phone conversation with a pretty insightful lady from back home. Karen is mom to 4 {almost all teenagers} and reminded me of a lot of solid stuff that I hope to share in the weeks to come.

{4} good morning. Sometimes it’s just hard to wake up around here, and we have to do it slowly, with a little Sesame Street or Curious George, ya know? Because we’re not morning people, and sometimes it really shows. But I just love watching her face as she warms up to the day, or her curls as they shimmer like a cloud of pixie dust in the morning sun. She’s giving the best 37-second cuddles first thing every morning, and I just soak those up.

{5} monkey bread. I saw a blogger post this recipe last week, and immediately knew it was going to be making an appearance in my kitchen the following weekend. Definitely a hit, especially since it was so easy peasy and kept family as the main focus instead of a long drawn out recipe or sink full of dishes. Well the sink is full of dishes, but that’s just because I can’t use the dishwasher right now, and I’m lazy, not because the recipe was involved, capiche? Just in case anyone reads this and comes over for proof . . .

{6} migraines. Do you get those? I do, ever since I was nursery age. My dad gets ’em too, so I tend to call him whenever I’ve got a real bad one going on. He understands, he knows how to comfort me. I guess that’s why I cling to Psalm 103 when the pain is at its worst.

“As a father shows compassion to his children,

so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him.

For he knows our frame;

he remembers that we are dust.”

What helps you in the midst of pain?

{7, 8} Family walks are becoming a thing, and Ali loves them. After a 5 day migraine, my pain finally lifted, and I was able to join my little family on a walk around the block. Daniel and I both are in love with the architecture around here, and enjoy discovering new bits and pieces of work we hadn’t studied before.

{9} slowing down. I’ve read this sentiment in a lot of mom’s writings lately, to slow down, to say yes more, to let things go – a pursuit that isn’t a passing fad, or the latest parenting technique. They’re things mothers have been trying to remind themselves of from the beginning. And I’m joining in, letting my little one stand on the counter as I hold her from behind and watch her brush her teeth happily in front of the bathroom mirror. She gets a kick out of seeing herself from multiple angles at once so I turn the side mirrors towards her. What a happy little soul she is, wearing her Mike Wazowski pull-ups with her mom smiling behind her.

I’ve done a lot of praying this weekend, about what I write on here, about whether or not to pursue photography, about moving outside my comfort zones towards people that are different from me, about how to react to pain, about how to train my tiny, about whether or not blogging is for me. And you know what? I don’t have any new answers, but I do have new joy from being in my Father’s presence, new peace from knowing his love, and new hope from remembering his goodness.

And it’s with this posture that I head into a Monday full of diaper changes and exciting discoveries and all the unknown of the week ahead.

Linking up to Annapolis & Company.


  1. Hi Susanna, yet another lovely weekend recap! I loved your description of watching the sun shimmer on Ali’s curls and looking like pixie dust. That monkey bread looks fantastic! And that joy and peace that comes from spending time in our Father’s presence? There’s nothing like it is there? I pray that in time, the answers to your questions will come clearly. Thank you for taking the time to share little pieces of your life in this beautiful space : )

  2. I love monkey bread. It is so yummy.

    1. It was delish!! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. Tricia Segar · · Reply

    when my legs hurt really bad, enough so that I can’t fall asleep, I think about Jesus having his feet pierced with nails, open and bleeding and burning with pain as he supported his weight upon the cross. It is amazing how considering his sufferings puts mine in perspective.

    1. So true! I loved this blogger’s words along the same line: http://pencilleddaydream.com/2013/07/16/grace-in-the-midst-of-pain/

  4. I love the picture you paint with words about the sun making Ali’s hair shimmer like pixie dust – beautiful! Your monkey bread looks delicious – I might just have to try making some myself. I love that I have discovered your blog through Mary Beth’s link ups, and I pray that God will show you the answers to the questions that are on your heart that you have brought to Him. There’s nothing quite like the joy that is found in His presence, is there? Thank you for sharing little glimpses into your life here – it is a joy to read and your photos are beautiful!

    1. Kindest comment ever! Thank you!! And yes, so thankful for Mary Beth’s link up. It’s really inspired me and helped me branch out to meet new people. And I’m SO glad that you are one of those people! You should totally try the monkey bread! Couldn’t believe how easy it was. Yummo! Thank you, thank you, thank you for encouraging me and pointing me to Jesus!

  5. It is monkey bread!! After commenting on Instagram, I was scared that it was something healthy and wholesome, and then I would feel bad for exposing my absolute weakness for the sugary deliciousness of monkey bread. Glad you indulge too. 🙂
    Beautiful weekend, Susanna! and beautiful soul. I really am excited to learn from you.

    1. Bahahaha! You crack me up! Healthy and wholesome? Teehee . . . I’m afraid I’m only a health nut on Mondays and Wednesdays. It’s a part time job 😉

  6. Looks like you had such a lovely weekend!! I see you made the monkey bread, too! It’s crazy that something so simple is SO delicious.

    Love the photos!

    1. You are so sweet! Yes!! Thank you for posting that recipe! A big hit with the fam!

  7. […] it’s in the publishing of those newly birthed ideas that I shy away. Yesterday I mentioned that I had been praying about whether or not to continue blogging, what in the world my […]

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