Weekend Recap

Monday greetings from Baltimore! I’m still getting used to saying that. In fact the morning we left Greenville, SC to move here, I told my brother-in-law to plug “Baltimore, SC” into the GPS. It was 5:30am, and he asked if I was sure he shouldn’t be driving first . . .

We’re still getting used to our new home, and discovering what life is going to look for us here. We’re still holding our little one’s hand through the transition and lovingly trying to explain to her why she can’t “go home” or go visit this or that relative. Some of the most heartbreaking conversations I’ve ever had with her, I tell ya. We’re still exhausted from the move, and picking up the pieces of sanity we’ve lost along the way. Perhaps it got packed away in storage in our basement? We’re still getting lost when going for a drive {read: am still getting lost}. It’s been a lovely adventure so far though, and this weekend was no exception.


{1} giggles. We’re so grateful for new friends just down the street from us. Their community and church is why we chose to live in this section of Baltimore, and they have responded with such welcoming open arms. The kids have especially loved on Ali {even in all her grumpiness}, which has done my heart so good.

{2} “choo-choo train.” Ali’s favorite thing since we moved, by far, has been the subway. I should video her running through the terminals sometime, telling the subway to “close doors, close doors“, waving hello to all the passengers, giggling as the subway picks up speed. It’ll warm your heart.

{3} girlfriend time. Baby girl and I went shoe shopping in the inner harbor together for the first time. She scored this cute pair of wellies and I walked away emptied handed – again. How can there be dozens of sandal styles at Marshalls without one that I find appealing? You tell me. Am I too picky?!

{4} new table. You know you’re a young mom when going to pick up a craigslist find by yourself, getting lost, forgetting your debit card for cash back, having to drive 30 minutes back to your house, getting lost again, and finally securing the object of your quest after 3 hours of meandering around your city feels like a vacation. I will neither confirm nor deny whether I left that debit card on purpose or not. Oh, and the table, by the way? I love it. We wanted a cheap, sturdy, yet small table that would suit our immediate needs. This small, simple style, solid wood, $50 table was just what I was looking for! Score!!

{5} photography. I’ve been loaned a Canon camera for an indefinite period of time so I’m taking every opportunity I can to learn the tricks of the trade. I practiced this weekend by photographing our new place. Lord willing, I’ll post those pictures tomorrow so stay tuned!

{6} stoop time. To my great surprise it is warmer here than in SC! We’re doing our best to enjoy the outdoors in the cooler mornings and evenings though. Sitting on your stoop is a great way to meet the neighbors and connect with your community. So Ali and I took to the steps Friday evening while Daniel was away.

{7} reading. Though I love reading to my tiny, reading next to her is a special treat too. She read her sesame street book on the iPad while I read Tolkien’s biography. Just sitting next to her makes her so happy sometimes.

{8} church. I’m really loving this whole walking to church thing. Just 3 blocks down the street from us, it’s an easy 10 minute walk. Ali is still adjusting to the new children’s ministry so I didn’t catch much of this week’s sermon, but it’s a work in progress. She’ll warm up eventually.

{9} crab fest. Two ladies from the church worked together to keep Ali for us so Daniel and I could go to one last resident party before the real work begins. They fed us in true Baltimore style, with boxes and boxes of Old Bay seasoned crab. Daniel and I watched a YouTube video on eating crab before we left so we weren’t completely clueless when we arrived. If you ever have a chance to eat crab be wary of the spines! They’re the crabs last revenge, and they stabbed my thumb pretty good. All the cracking and twisting and smashing made the process feel quite barbaric, but I’ll admit it was tasty and fun!

Well the weekend is over and Monday is here. At 4:40am this morning Dr. Hubs rode away on his bike towards the metro for his first day of residency! Life will never be the same! Let the adventure begin.

Thank you Annapolis & Company for the weekend link up!



  1. love the black and white photos and glad to hear you are all settled in your new place..

  2. I love what you said about babies wanting us to just be near; sometimes I think I have to be Super Mom, but all they really want is US 🙂
    Congrats on your move! You guys are experiencing some big changes!

    1. You are SO right! They won’t remember us as the mom who could juggle a thousand balls without letting one drop, but as the mom who did or didn’t spend time with them. Love it!

  3. Love this!! So cute, and so fun to hear of your new adventures!! It is making me excited, knowing that we will be in a similar position (sans little one, unless you count the dog) in just a few short weeks! Congratulations on your new place, and your great table! Also, thanks for the reminder and encouragement to get out and engage in community, in my introvertedness, I can tend to avoid that!

    1. I’m right there with ya girl! Engaging in community takes a lot of pep talks with myself in the mirror before heading out the door. Seriously, but it’s so worth it. Excited for you and all the new changes taking place. Hope the transition is smooth for you! Thank you for your encouragement!

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