Weekend Recap: Moving Edition


Hello!! Only one week away from the blog, and I’ve already begun to miss you guys so much! In case you’re new here, or just missed the news, we just moved 536 miles from Greenville, SC to Baltimore, MD. And after a move like that, it’s nice to know that no matter where I move {within reason} I’ll always be able to return to this little familiar space, and the community I’ve been a part of here.

I missed joining the Annapolis & Company weekend link up last week, so I’ve combined photos from this and last weekend.


{1, 2} From packing up our home in Greenville on Friday to unpacking the last box in Baltimore the following Saturday, we’ve seen a lot of cardboard and funny pages to suit me for at least a year. Which works out rather nicely since we signed a 365 day apartment contract.

{3, 4, 5} The goodbyes were numerous and accompanied by many a tear, but also combined with the laughter, prayers, and hugs of family and friends that I’ll miss oh so much.

{6, 7} Driving through the mountains was bittersweet as I said my goodbyes to my favorite sunrise lit landscape. Having left at 5:30 am Aletheia slept soundly the first couple of hours but woke in plenty of time for the promised Chick-fil-A breakfast stop. Our drive included several wrong turns, a major traffic accident that slowed down every possible route we could have taken {and tried to take}, and non-stop, sweat-breaking, ear-piercing, toddler-screaming for the last hour-and-a-half of the trip. I battled the emotions of moving, excitement of wanting to arrive, a keen sense of separation as the distance from family grew wider and wider, anger at the delay and the screaming toddler, guilt over the anger since someone I didn’t know was in serious trouble, and anxiety over creating another accident if I didn’t watch the road as sharply as necessary.

{8} But we finally arrived after an additional 2.5 hours to our 8.5 hour trip. Ready upon arrival were 6 men from the church and community to help us move in, most of them we had never met. At seeing my apartment for the first time, and watching these men love on us so, all the anxiety left my heart, being washed away by the gratitude that was flooding in. Within an-hour-and-a-half everything we owned had made its way to the second floor of our gorgeous row home apartment, but not without a great deal of sweat. Exhausted from the previous 2 days, my husband and brother-in-law {who had generously traveled with us} went out to pick up some dinner. Originally we were all going out, but the 2-year-old wasn’t about to let us strap her back into her seat. After several failed attempts I gave up and told them to go on without us. Somewhat relieved to avoid another car ride myself, I wearily carried Ali back upstairs and inserted the keys to unlock our new home. The keys however wouldn’t unlock the dead-bolt, and all that anxiety came flooding right back in. To make matters worse, both Daniel’s and my cell phone had lost their charge in the journey and were locked inside the house. The upstairs neighbor was gone, and I had no idea of how to get ahold of anyone. I began to react in my normal panicky, weepy way, but stopped short. “No! This is not a reason to panic, cry, or have an emotional breakdown. Help will come and this night will soon be over”, I told myself. After composing myself I firmly took ahold of the little one’s hand and flashed her a big smile and began to walk back downstairs because the stairwell was much to hot to wait in. Just then the neighbor walked in, listened to my plight, handed me her cell phone after having dialed our landlady’s number, and sat with me until helped arrived. After the landlady’s keys failed to work as well and having tried climbing through the neighbor’s third floor windows down the fire escape to see if any of our windows were unlocked, we ended up calling a lock smith who had to drill through the deadbolt, informing us that the lock had been improperly installed. At least we know our building is secure!!

{9, 10} The next day we took Ali on her first subway ride, and she didn’t want to ever get off. Though excited about the newness and adventure of the city, Ali has had quite the hard time adjusting, and lets us know quite often by throwing herself on the ground and having numerous meltdowns, the kind that I narrowly avoided myself when getting locked out of the apartment.

{11} Our weekends and weeknights will look much different from now on. Many will be spent right on our front stoop, chatting with the neighbors, letting Ali run up and down the sidewalks, reading a good book in the evening light. This weekend we did just that. Providentially we headed in about an hour before an intense car chase came to a head right on our very corner, the corner Ali had just been running back and forth on. After hearing a loud thud, thud, thud we looked out the window to see a car crashed into a road sign, doors thrown open, and police cars piled up behind with cops running off down the street in pursuit. Though we live in a rougher area, this kind of “excitement” will be quite an anomaly from what I gather. So don’t go fretting for us. It was a good opportunity to show Ali how policemen protect us.

{12, 13} Our Sunday was spent plugging in to our new church {which is a few blocks down the street from us}, and catching up on some good reading.

{14, 15, 16} Daniel hit the ground running the moment we arrived. After moving in all weekend, he started orientation at Johns Hopkins that Monday with a social get together every night of the week. I went to a few and was quite wary of attending another one after having gotten the dirtiest looks from a “Mr. Carson” butler who didn’t appreciate toddlers trying to help themselves to the food. It really wasn’t all that bad because the host of that party loved on my tiny in the sweetest way by bringing up a bucket of toys for her to play with. Still, if there’s a fancy spread of sushi at a 7 o’clock party, it’s probably safe to assume it isn’t the most child-friendly. I was so glad Daniel had us come with him to this past one on Sunday afternoon though. It started at 5:30, had juice boxes and kid party plates, and access to an awesome toy room. A total win. I was able to get in a few coherent conversations with the other adults, watch my husband sign his contract, and smoothly acclimate Ali to yet another new setting. A lovely evening. A lovely weekend.

A lovely new home.

I’ve been updating instagram like crazy with all the new sights of our city and home. @revisionarylife if you care to follow along!



  1. What a crazy, exhausting, yet exhilarating weekend you had! I’m glad you were able to hold it together with the locked door, because I can see myself losing it after all that you had been through. Enjoy the new place. I will have to check back in to see how well you get adjusted!

    1. Our weekends have been nothing but that for the last several months. I’m hoping for some more relaxed ones coming soon . . . maybe??! But the crazy does get totally outdone by the awesome. I’ve loved our weekends, and am so glad for this little link up to stash away the memories of ’em. Aren’t you? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hey!! I just stumbled on your blog again . . . not sure what happened in the meantime, but I’m following on Bloglovin now, so I shouldn’t miss anything!! Congratulations on your move! Hope you continue to settle in and enjoy your new surroundings!!

    1. Well hey girl! Yeah, sorry about that. I switched blog hosts, and didn’t do it very smoothly 😉 I’m glad you found it again though! Thanks for stopping by. Love your new blog! Following along now with bloglovin’. Love that site for staying connected 😉

  3. Karlyn · · Reply

    So glad you are here! Cannot wait to spend more time together!

    1. Thank you Karlyn!! I can’t wait to spend more time with you too! We are all settled now, so I’m sure it’s gonna happen soon. Just call me!

  4. Wow, that sounds like quite the weekend! I really appreciated your reactions to moving; my family is about to move so I’m very interested in others’ experiences. Also, yay for Tolkien! 🙂

    1. It’s a grand adventure really, but all adventure comes with an emotional ball of yarn that unravels along the way. 😉 Hope your family moves goes well! Where are they off to and will you join them after your studies are over?

      1. So true; that’s a really good way of expressing it. We’re in the pre-move stage, so a lot has to fall in place, including exactly where we’re going. Ha! I’ll spend a week with them in our current home this summer, but after I graduate in the spring I don’t anticipate staying for much longer than visits.

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