Weekend Recap: Greenville’s Last Edition


{1} nature. The hubs and I envisioned a romantic stroll through the woods on Friday morning, walking hand-in-hand, bird watching, exploring. It was right after I snapped a picture of these mushrooms however, that we were instead chased off the trail by a swarm of at least 25 horse flies {or something like them}, arms flailing, me screaming. Lovely.

{2} partied-out. With the move being just a week away we have been going to “parties” every. single. night, trying to squeeze in time with everyone we can. Friday night our small group from church threw us a going away party {thank you friends!}, one that we had to leave early since our tiny just couldn’t be kept out late for one more night. She yawned the whole way home. Poor girl.

{3} old bay. It’s a staple spice in Baltimore {where we’re moving to}. Salmon and old bay is our favorite, but I’m sure we’ll learn many more combinations soon!

{4} publix. I took my last shopping trip to Publix on Saturday. It’s been my favorite grocery store every since I first got married. How I’ll miss that place! Looking forward to learning how to shop in the big city though!

{5} sick days. She’s had a lot of them in the past week and a half. Poor thing. We were close to taking her to the ER for fluids at one point, but were relieved to see her improve and her tiny body strengthen. While missing out on several events was quite disappointing, the cuddles, co-sleeping, and lovin’ I got made it worth it in the end.

{6} cousins. Despite being pretty sick, Ali joined the cousins for a water gun fight for a short while. She didn’t have a chance against those boys. She was under heavy fire and dropped to the ground, accepting her  watery doom. In her retaliation though, I was her primary target . . . and I was unarmed.

{7} puppets. To cheer her {and us} up Sunday morning, Daniel constructed a quick puppet show. Her version included throwing the puppets from behind the curtain into the “audience” {me}.

{8} tissues. I finally remembered to bring tissues with me to church! I’ve been crying every single week as I would think of leaving our dear church family. My mother-in-law was kind enough to watch Ali for us so that Daniel and I could attend church together for one last time and be prayed over by the pastor. I kept a tissue in hand at all times, and didn’t regret that one bit.

{9} NHCC. These people have been our lifeline, our family, our home. We have been prayed for, encouraged, corrected, provided for, welcomed, taught, and loved. Leaving this “caring community of Christ-like disciple makers” isn’t easy, but it’s also not without joy. They’ve equipped us and rejoice to send us out. And we are excited to go and to be united with a new church body, one that is living on mission in a hard area, loving like Jesus, and will partner with us for the sake of the Kingdom.

Our last weekend in Greenville, SC had tears, laughs, adventure, fun, pain, and joy. Daniel and I worked through some tough things in our marriage, helping us learn to love one another better, deeper, truer. Those conversations are always so tough in the moment, but so sweet in the days following. So grateful for a husband that pursues me and says hard things for the sake of guarding the covenant of our marriage!

The move is this Saturday! 5am we head out for Baltimore, and we can’t wait! In the mean time there is much to pack and many more goodbyes to be said. Tissues are constantly being restocked in my purse.

How was your weekend? What disappointments, adventures, excitement, or rest did it hold?

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  1. It sounds like you’ve had a great week! 🙂 Very emotional I’m sure! Our weekend was wonderful! It was wonderful to celebrate Caleb being home again! And Caleb and I got to go on adventures at a bunch of stores together and had a wonderful time disc-golfing in the forest!

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