Weekend Recap

Good morning friends! I’m a bit groggy this morning. A tad emotional now that there are less than 2 weeks before my move away from family and friends. Tempted to be a bit panicky over all that is on the agenda this week.

So, I’m reminding myself to take things one step at a time, to breathe, to pray, and to remember. 

To remember the good, the love, the struggles, the fun, the hard, and the yummy of our precious weekends here.


{1} garlic. Maybe it’s because my mom broke out a clove or 3 of garlic every time she walked into the kitchen. Maybe it’s the unique packaging. Maybe it’s because garlic is an ingredient in just about everything I cook. But whatever the reason, there’s something so beautiful about it. I peeled about 8 or so cloves for dinner Friday night. I was doubling up on a pasta dish that has fast become one of my favorites. So why is garlic a noteworthy memory for this weekend? I’m not sure. Just roll with it.

{2} moms. It’s hard to believe, but my younger sister and I have now joined our mom in the adventure of motherhood. Watching my little niece wriggle around inside her mommy was a precious sight. She apparently likes garlic too, because she wriggled and squirmed a whole bunch following our dinner together. I pray she decides to make her grand appearance before we move! I so want to meet her, hold her, tell her I love her, and introduce her to my baby girl.

{3} sisters. My mom and all three of my sisters got together for a girl’s night full of games and cookies. My parents kept telling me they would be my very best friends when I grew up if we learned to love one another, but I never believed them. I couldn’t see how the annoying, mimicking, and mess making of my little sisters would ever turn into the friendly teasing, laughing, encouraging, loving relationships I have today. But it did, and they were right. They are my very best friends, my most beloved confidants, the first ones I call to tell my most exciting news and most painful disappointments to.

{4} the guys. While we were devouring cookies and playing liar’s dice, Dr. Hubs and my bro-in-law were out trying to win it big. Haha . . . not really. But they did get to spend some quality time together over poker. I caught a short snippet of their conversation as they headed out the door. It wasn’t about their favorite sports team or the latest electronic gadgets {though they do talk about those kind of things}. They were celebrating the gospel together in what they had heard and learned recently. And my heart filled with gratitude for the men God gave to me and my sister.

{5} run. I have felt a distinct weakness in my body since I’ve tapered off from running after my half marathon a month ago, and it was time to get out there again. Dr. Hubs drove into downtown for the farmer’s market with the tiny, and I ran after them on foot. I’m ashamed to say it was only my 2nd run since the race, but I was pleasantly surprised that 4 miles was still within reasonable grasp. The biggest struggle was keeping my emotions in check as I ran past one memory landmark after another. What a dear city this has become to us. But I’m reminded that’s it’s not the streets, the restaurants, or the landscaping that make Greenville home for us. It’s the memories we’ve stored up here, memories that Baltimore can hold for us as well. I do so look forward to creating them in our new city!

{6} greetings. After meeting up with Daniel and Ali downtown I took the girl to see her favorite advertising spokesman, the Michelin man. She waves at him every time we drive down 85 so I thought it was time she met him in person. Though slightly intimidated, she was thrilled.

{7} nate. Saturday over lunch, we caught up with this good friend, one we’ve actually only known for a relatively short time, but one that has blessed us in countless ways. It’s been so faith building to watch him mature in Christ!

{8} sick days. Many of our Sunday plans had to be cancelled or rearranged because our tiny started throwing up again! She was sick for a few hours on Wednesday, but relapsed Saturday night, which apparently has happened to many kiddos around here lately. So we hung out at home a lot, watching Brave, watching Monsters, watching the rain. She cuddled with me sweetly and kept telling me her tummy hurt in this pathetic, sweet little voice that made my heart ache for her.

{9} boom! Our gutters are filled to overflowing so it creates quite the waterfall effect over the steps to our porch during a storm. Ali’s learning her mom’s love for rain and stood there, catching the downpour with her chubby outstretched arm. After a while the storm started picking up, and I encouraged Ali to come inside with me before “the lightning got us.” Right then, lightening snapped on our street and thunder immediately followed! We both fell backwards into the house and stood there quite shocked for a few moments. For the rest of the evening we shouted “BOOOOOOM” back and forth with each other, laughing at the situation, and watching the rain flood down the street. Best. sick-day. ever.

So how was your weekend? Were there storms where you live too? Any new recipes you tried? Any favorite picnic spots visited?  I’d love to here all about it!!


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