Weekend Recap




This weekend:

{1} Grandma taught Ali how to sharpen a pencil. {2} We shared a banana split at an old timey soda fountain. {3} My baby brother graduated from high school! {4} I whipped up a batch of strawberry scones for a baby shower. {5} We striped our tiny down to her pink unmentionables and let her run wild through a public fountain. {6} My Beloved and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary at a local pub. I coveted their menus. {7} My parents had a lovely last minute Memorial Day party with tons of family, including the guests of honor, Grandma and Grandpa. {8} I grabbed a smoothie with this dear friend who was in town, and we chatted about life, friends, and our futures. {9} I got in a serious baking/photography mood and messed around with a new recipe/camera. I can sense my addiction to both tightening its grip!

We were given a car, and I cried every time I caught sight of it. I cried because the giver sacrificed so much. Because we’ve been given all that we need. Because I doubted God would give us good things. Because our friends love us so. Because it’s nicer than I could have ever hoped for. Because I did nothing to earn it.

I’ve been the recipient of so much good, of so much encouragement and support, and I long to give back! But as a way of expressing gratitude, not as repayment because I could never do that, nor do I want to taint the gift with trying to apply retroactive earning to it. So as a small way of saying a big thank you to all of you who daily encourage me in this blogging endeavour, I’ve put together a little giveaway. I hope you like it!

And please, please, PLEASE, join our weekend link up community if capturing memories and sharing them with others is your thing! Check it: Annapolis & Company.

So whatcha thinkin'?

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