Weekend Recap

My heart is absolutely overflowing this morning with all the incredibly lavish gifts God blessed us with this past weekend. Sadly, due to needing to rush off to work my commentary will not sufficiently capture all of that awesomeness this morning . . . or perhaps you can breathe easy, knowing I won’t be pushing 1,000 words again this week. 😉

Linking up to the Annapolis & Company weekend story telling!


{1} painting. She’s my little creative one, and I love to watch her work.

{2} impersonator. I pushed a ton aside this weekend to focus on the baby mobile I was supposed to have finished months ago for my soon-to-arrive little niece. Ali wanted to work on it too so I set up her little ironing board next to mine. “Nex you mommy” she likes to say.

{3} curry. We are racking up the friend and family time as the move to Baltimore gets closer and closer. Friday afternoon we enjoyed time with Geevan, whose mom had cooked a large selection of curry dishes for him before going out of town. I’m so glad he shared with us. Yummo! In addition he surprised me with cutting beautiful flowers from the garden his dad had planted before passing away. What a precious bouquet! Thank you Geevan! We’ll miss you!

{4} celebration. I was privileged to ever so briefly visit the memorial gathering for a classmate who passed away suddenly. Her beautiful life and smile will always be cherished. With her being an athlete, we met on her home basketball court to paint our names on the concrete and celebrate her memory. Our hearts are broken over her loss but rejoicing in the hope we have in Christ’s resurrection.

{5} sorbet. The fellowship continued as Dr. Hubs and I chatted with friends over Thai food and dessert. I can’t imagine leaving Molly and Moses, but it was exciting talking through all the plans God seems to be making for us. We look forward to serving with them one day, Lord willing.

{6} simple pleasures. Part of the tremendous blessings this past weekend was being able to sell our van. We really needed some cash for the upcoming move! Ali loved “helping” us wash it for its new owners. I swear, I could have that kid’s birthday party at a car wash and she would be thrilled.

{7} family. Daniel’s older brother and his wife took us out for dinner Saturday night to celebrate Daniel’s graduation and to just enjoy each other’s company. It was a lovely time with delicious food {again, I’m all about the food!} and a walk through Whole Foods.

{8} pizza. Sunday afternoon we snuck in some more time with friends over another fabulous meal. I can say it was fabulous because my husband prepared it, and he did a fantastic job. Pear & gorgonzola, pepperoni, mediterranean, and margarita pizzas were on the menu. Just soaking up the time with these precious people as much as we can these days.

{9} shot. As hard as I try to eat right, sleep well, and exercise often, these still happen: migraines. But you know the difference between the migraines I have now and the migraines I had growing up? I’m learning to be OK with them, to see them as a beautiful part in God’s story, to rest. When they get really bad I have to get shots for them. Not the way I wanted to end such a lovely weekend, but amazingly it didn’t ruin it. The Spirit comforted me in the middle of it and helped me see the beauty of a plan I don’t even understand.

And that? That is just another huge demonstration of grace on top of selling the car, on top of the work we’ve been provided with, on top of selling our dining room set, on top of selling the piano, on top of finally finding an apartment to move to {with a dishwasher I might add!}, on top of precious friends, on top of being given yet another car to meet our needs in Baltimore.


On another note, I can’t wait for you guys to see the giveaway I have planned for you this week! It’s my very first one so I’m extra excited. Be sure to check back Wednesday!



  1. Linda Nickerson · · Reply

    Thanks for sharing your lovely weekend. May God grant your peace in him and relief from migraines. So glad you are resting in Him and trusting Him. That is an inspiration. We will miss you too. Love you blog. Keep writing.

    1. Thank you Mrs. Nickerson! It has been amazing to watch God teach me peace in the middle of pain. Thank you for your encouragement! We miss you as well!

  2. Hey Susanna, I so much know what you mean and can relate , since puberty I have migraine with aura, but God is making the best out of the situation like he promised! last time I just prayed over it and he kind of showed me also some trigger mechanism, I`m now nursing my little girl quite long and got a bit exhausted, so the migraine which I thought was nearly gone came back more and more, i stumbled over an article of the importance folate and vitamin b, this helped me a whole lot, I instantly felt a difference, but maybe you have heard about that already your hubs is the doctor:) many greetings from Germany (stopping by from annapolis and company weekend link up), noni!

    1. Oh yes! Migraines are so tough! How do you manage them? I’ve discovered my many triggers over the years, but sometimes they all hit at once and create “the perfect storm”, you know? That’s how it was this past weekend anyway. I’ve been taking a daily vitamin as part of my way to fight against it. Exercise and eating on time are the big ones. If I delay or skip a meal, I’m in trouble. Anyway, encouraged to hear of how God is encouraging you in them as well! Greetings from South Carolina 😉

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