Weekend Recap: Graduation Edition

Jumping back into another full week of work, house hunting, moving prep, and family time over here! But before all of that takes place, it’s time to join the weekend link up community where memories are stored up, inspiration is found, and life is celebrated.

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{1} “got it.” The stage has come where Ali insists on doing everything herself. Whether it’s finding and gathering up her blankie for nap time, getting the milk jug out of the fridge for her sippy cup, setting the potty cover up to go to the bathroom, brushing her own teeth, or climbing up into a chair, she wants it to be known that she has it under control. It was no different at Daniel’s graduation ceremony. “Got it!” she exclaimed, and then fidgeted her way into the folding chair. Only this chair had a surprise for her: it folded automatically since she wasn’t heavy enough to weigh it down. After the initial confusion she assumed this was normal and went about waiting for her daddy to cross the stage, knees to her chest and all. Between dancing to the brass accompaniment with ballerina-like-twirls, eating fruit snacks and goldfish, and playing musical laps between her three grandparents in attendance we made it through the ceremony without any major outbursts, my sister Bethany having taken her out after Daniel crossed the stage and Ali cheered “Yay Daddy, Yay Daddy!”

{2} doctor. It’s been a long time in coming, but my husband is really Dr. Hubs now. The moment he crossed the stage and the point at which they recognized the family members for their hard work in laboring along-side the graduates made me remember how hard and wonderful this has all been in a matter of an instant. My chest tightened with emotion and my heart leapt in celebration at the same time. I’m so proud of him. So thrilled for him. So blessed to be, no longer the med student’s wife, but this doctor’s wife. Bring on phase two!

{3} celebration. Combining the celebration of our brother-in-law’s graduation from nursing school and Daniel’s graduation from med school we got the family together to party it up. We were overwhelmed at the many that came to rejoice with us. Former teachers, classmates, dear family, and friends all came out to congratulate the two graduates. Among all the beauty of that evening, my favorite was watching Ali dance with her cousins and enjoy their company/mothering. How we’ll miss them all once we’re gone.

{4} farewell. All the local family gathered to say goodbye to Daniel’s sister, Rachel and her husband Matt Saturday morning as they packed up the last of their boxes and started out towards Wyoming. Watching Rachel stare out her front window from her empty house, fighting back tears, brought the reality of our impending move close to home. It was a sad farewell because we were saying goodbye but even harder as I got a foretaste of the goodbye’s that lay ahead next month for us as well. Yet even though leaving brings a pang of sadness, still adventure calls us out and soon we’ll gladly answer. I’m so full of anticipation I could burst! And we know the same can be said of Matt and Rachel.

{5} heartbreak. Each of the cousin’s got a dose of it as they waved goodbye to their beloved Aunt Rachel. Well, almost all of them. Gabe was disappointed because he equated Aunt Rachel with freshly baked cookies. Apparently that was the extent of his sorrow. She invested so deeply in each of them, and though not all of them are old enough to remember, they will feel her absence sharply.

{6, 7} park. Saturday afternoon we spent some family time together at beautiful local park. Here, Ali again tries to be as independent as possible, climbing everything the big kids do and trying to force other kids off of swings in order to get a turn. She’s the playground bully and she’s only 2. But really, when she runs into another kid her size she gets especially delighted and tries to get them to join her on the slide or runs side-by-side with them up and down the yard.

Along our walk she picked numerous dandelions and did the park a favor by blowing the seeds abroad.

{8} mother’s day. We joined my parent’s family Sunday afternoon so I could be close to my mom that I love so dearly and will have to leave so soon. It was a relaxed afternoon with KFC for the kids and the boys trying to outdo us all with their fancy gifts.

{9} run. Daniel watched Ali so I could take a cool evening run last night. I’m embarrassed to say it was the first run since my half marathon 3 weeks ago! I honestly was all run out and just wanted a break from it all. It felt so good to push my body through a quick couple miles again though. It needed it so desperately.

We sang Twinkle, Twinkle at the top of our voices last night at bedtime. Not exactly lullabyish, but Ali has never been one for calm and soothing. Her style is much more bold and jazzy. So with hand motions and all we raised the roof and scared the neighbors with our own family version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Capturing the memories of weekend life is a joy, but I can’t stay in this reflective mood forever. Monday is calling and there is much to do and to enjoy. Lovely week to you all!



  1. beautiful pics, found your space through the weekend link up! I think I`m a going to stay and come back 🙂 so to say follow… many greetings from far Germany, noni

    1. Thank you so much! Just loving the weekend link up! Glad you are too! So lovely that we can connect despite being separated by half a world away huh? Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment!

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