to my mentor-mother


For several weeks I’d seen an article circulating around facebook but didn’t pay much attention at first.

It wasn’t until it repeatedly popped up in my newsfeed that I began to get curious, curious about what this “non-mom” had to say about Mother’s Day. So I read. I “liked.” I agreed {mostly}. And I shared.

Her call to “acknowledge the wide continuem of mothering” especially stood out to me as a most beautiful and often neglected aspect of Mother’s Day.

Many of you know my mom and love her dearly. She is exuberant, artistic, passionate, beautiful, inspiring, Spirit-led, Word-driven, and love-motivated. I love her with all my heart and aspire to be like her for my tiny little girl. She deserves a day dedicated to celebrating all that she is to her children, and today will certainly be that day.

But my heart is full of gratitude for a number of women today. Within this “wide continuem of mothering” there are a few women I have yet to wish a Happy Mother’s Day, who have given themselves to me and others unreservedly, no strings attached.

As Amy Young said, “To those who are foster moms, mentor moms, and spiritual moms – we need you.”

One woman in particular comes to mind {though there are so many I’ve been blessed to be encouraged by} because she strikes me as a mentor-mother in so many ways.

She has woken early every day for years, denying herself the luxury of sleeping in, to care for her children day after day, week after week.

She has forgone meals to see them through their confusion, counsel them through sorrow, and help them with their homework.

She has mentored many who had no where else to turn.

She has had to repeat herself over and over, communicating the same lesson, in hopes that her children will one day understand.

She has spent countless hours in prayer, asking God to protect us, guide us, and pursue us.

She has poured herself out to teach us new skills, how to get along, to work together, to dream big, and to never give up.

She has traveled numerous miles in the car with us, telling us to “sit down, be quiet, please pick up your trash, no, we’re not there yet, and no, we can’t stop for a potty break.”

She has sacrificed herself in every possible way, physically, financially, and emotionally to love her children. And she did so without much thanks in return.

She has held us close to her heart and given us full access to her faithful love, and as a result has not closed herself off from sorrow as she grieves the loss of the ones she loves.

She has attended numerous soccer games, basketball games, volleyball games, and practices, cheering us on and coaching us well. In fact, she hardly missed a single one of my games.

She gave herself to me and so many others as coach, teacher, counselor, provider, encourager, friend, and mentor-mother.

Laurie Holland,

I love you. Thank you for being a mom to me and for loving your children so unconditionally and completely. We “rise up [together] and call you blessed.”

Happy Mother’s Day!


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