Weekend Recap

Hello Revisionary readers! Ah yes, I like the way that sounds. In case you missed it, I gave my blog a makeover this past week, or more like a new identity. No longer is it Learning to see of Blogger, but Revisionary Life of wordpress domain. I’m pretty excited about the change . . . in case that wasn’t apparent as well. Perhaps I should give you guys more credit for picking up on the obvious and stop pointing things out. I’m just so excited! But you knew that already . . . shutting up.

Since I was so invested in bringing everything together for the blog’s new look, I didn’t get to join in last week’s weekend link up. I missed it and couldn’t wait to jump back in this Monday. Bear with me though because I’m pretty sick today and my thoughts are rather muddled.


{1} the two of us. My parents hosted Aletheia for the weekend since we had several “grown up” engagements to attend. She couldn’t have been more thrilled to stay at Mimi and Poppi’s house and they couldn’t have been more happy to have her. With so little time left before the move we have people asking us if they can have Ali over . . . and we hardly ever say no.  If you’re jealous, that’s ok. I would be too. We’re being spoiled, and I know it.

After dropping her off Friday  night we headed to Columbia for Daniel’s senior banquet. 1.5 hours of quiet in the car. To be honest, we didn’t say much to each other. I edited pictures as he drove, and it was so relaxing. Just being together in quiet can do a world of good.

{2} proud. After 4 years of studying, test-taking, cadaver-dissecting, hospital-rounding, and life-saving-learning, Dr. Hubs is going to graduate. As I watched him walk forward and receive his awards at his senior banquet and laugh and celebrate with his classmates, my heart was filled with gratitude to God for giving us grace to walk this far and filled with prayer, asking God to give us more grace to journey through the next 4-6 years. The picture slide show got me all choked up as it began to sink in just how much time has passed and how much work has been done since we got married and started this medical school adventure. Proud is an understatement or perhaps just too ordinary a term for how I felt that night. There’s a mingling of gratefulness, amazement, wonder, relief, joy, respect, and admiration that I’ve been trying to compress into this term proud, and it doesn’t quite fit. My heart is simply overflowing.

{3} new season. The farmer’s market of Greenville, SC is now open! And while it was shockingly cold for the first Saturday in May, we ventured out, since we were kidless, since we had already been up early to help out at a yard sale anyway, and since we’re learning to eat more produce than we do meat. The fresh-cut flowers filled the street with a sweet and grassy fragrance, and it was all I could do to resist buying a bunch . . . or 6 bunches. I’ll miss this little market when we’re gone.

{5} warm. That was the goal of the weekend as it turned out: to stay warm. After pursuing Main Street’s farmer’s market we headed inside for a soothing liquid. I’m still not grown up enough to drink coffee so I got some hot chocolate while Daniel enjoyed his latte. Maybe one day my taste buds will catch on. Between the constant downpour and us not having the heat on in our house, we ended up snuggled on the couch for the rest of the evening in our coats, with socks on, under a blanket, with a fire going. Purely romantic if you ask me.

All this time for grown up conversation! It was beautiful. We discussed a good many number of things, how reality is so different from our newlywed plans, how we’re striving to trust God in not providing housing for us in Baltimore yet, how to train our daughter’s passionate spirit, how to know the difference between pride and confidence. My husband is a wealth of wisdom, and I so love listening to him teach me . . . well, most of the time I do. I admit, sometimes I’m crabby about it {when I want to be right}, but that wasn’t the case this weekend. Our hearts grew in unity. Thank you Spirit.

{8} baptism. Our church‘s annual outdoor service was turned indoors because of all the cold rain, but it honestly didn’t dampen the mood at all. The service is mostly focused on the sharing of people’s salvation stories and their baptisms immediately following. Watching dads baptize their children, pastors baptizing their disciples, foster parents embracing their soaking wet, redeemed children will make you forget about any interrupted plans. It is one of the most beautiful sites I have ever had the privilege to behold. What a sweet taste of heaven it was!

{9} wedding. One of Daniel’s classmates was married on Sunday afternoon, and it was another great opportunity to drink in the company of friends that will soon be scattered across the US in their respective residency programs. When we first started med school, Daniel and I were the only ones married in this little gang of students we’ve been close with in Greenville. One-by-one they’ve each found the perfect mate and we’ve been privileged to witness each wedding {or engagement ceremony} along the way. Between the crazy antics and props in the photo booth, the comradery of friends, the scrumptious food, and the angelic cello music provided by Sharon Gerber herself the afternoon was so perfect. Thank you for having us Jud and Elizabeth, and congratulations! We love you guys!

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Well, I’ve just reached that count, so I’ll end with saying:

Join the weekend link up at Annapolis & Company! It’s ever so fun.

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  1. Lovely photos! Still loving that one of you and Daniel the most, though!

    1. Thanks Keren 🙂 It was such a fun evening!

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