Stepping Out


Comfort zones.

I was first introduced to the term when covering topics that would prepare me and my high schooler friends for a 2 week missions trip to Cameroon, Africa.

We sat there, a couple dozen of us, all grin and few nerves at the prospect of traveling the globe. Surrounding us were the familiar walls of our youth room, the ones painted in a variety of murals featuring our yearly team mascots of hornets, lightening, warriors, rhinos, gators, and whatever else each team invented along the way. Our group was pretty tight-knit. I guess that happens when you go to the same school, play on the same sports teams, and attend the same church. At that point in my life I rarely went anywhere other than that plot of land on which the church and school stood.

So as I listened to our guide talk about the risks, cultural differences, medical prevention measures, and responsibilities ahead, I was a little unsure of what this repeated challenge to step outside of those well-defined comfort zones meant.

Since 5 I had dreamed of living in Africa, owning my own hut with a dirt floor, living among the people, dressing like them, speaking their language. Yet, it had never occurred to me that such a lifestyle would demand me to step outside of the familiar and force my feet to move in a new direction even though fear was threatening to shackle them in place. My romanticized view of missionary life had conveniently omitted some of the most important aspects of it: sacrifice and risk. I somehow expected the adventure to meet me where I was at, I suppose, not thinking I would have to chase after it and risk getting lost along the way.

And so, after visiting Africa, I became more aware of where the boundaries of my comfort zones lay and learned to push the borders when I felt like I was hemming them in too narrowly.

Since then venturing beyond my comfort zone has looked like seemingly trivial, everyday things compared to visiting Africa. But every time I try a new recipe, introduce myself to other moms on the playground, run farther than I had before, confront wrong, or admit failure, I’m pushing the limits of familiar, safe, and expected.

I’ve been quite comfortable with my little blog, posting when I feel like it, not committing to a focus, ignoring my HTML ignorance. Why? Well, it’s always been tempting for me to avoid failure by simply not trying.

So today, because I’ve come to enjoy this blogging effort so much, and because I so want to learn more through it, I’m stepping outside of a small, yet secure, zone of comfort, and starting something new.

Today I’m excited to launch Revisionary Life, a blog dedicated to the sharing of God’s masterful revision of my near-sighted, fear-driven plans.

If you had told me 7 years ago that at the age of 26 I would be living in the Northeast as the spouse of a newbie resident doctor and stay at home mom to an enthusiastic 2-year-old, I probably would have panicked. Panic would have been the response, not because the lifestyle would be undesirable, but because it simply wasn’t the direction I was heading at that point in my life. Reaching my goal of missionary doctor to Africa was all I had ever planned on. And boy, did I count on that dream with all I had.

The plans I once had, the goals I once aspired to achieve, and the life story I had envisioned have undergone {and are undergoing} major revision by my author-God. But it’s all beautifully different because my Father has been mercifully and gently revising those once near-sighted plans to fit into His grander more beautiful one.

I want to candidly blog to record my journey from the blind self-director to the seeing walk-on-cast-member in Jesus’ story.

But joining this story requires abandoning the known for the unknown, the familiar for the unfamiliar, the normal for the new normal, the comfortable old for the stretching new. I’ve learned that’s where beauty is found and joy discovered.

So with a heart seeking to travel past its well-known boundaries in search of the blessings beyond, I’m thrilled to begin telling my small part in this spectacular story with you. Though the content of my blog will remain very much the same as it’s always been {recipes, occasional crafts, family focus, spiritual reflections} the emphasis on God’s shaping of my every day will be greater.

I can’t wait to begin, and I hope you’ll join in sharing your part in this story with me as well!

Welcome to revisionary life.


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