Weekend Recap

It’s a busy world over here in this little household. House hunting, moving prep, and efforts to sneak in extra time with family and friends is all consuming right now. Hence my tiny blog getting little attention.
But our weekends are so overflowing with rich experiences this Spring I don’t want to leave them unchronicled or unmentioned.
So this link up with Annapolis & Company, if nothing else, will continue regardless of numerous demands.

{1} window art. Have you heard of Crayola window markers? They’re great for rainy days. Plop your kiddo on a stool and let them enjoy the sight and sound of the rain as they color the screen through which they enjoy the beauty of the drizzly show. There’s not quite like watching your little one create.

{2} best. aunt/uncle. ever. Dr. Hub’s sister and bro-in-law had all 8 nieces and nephews over for a sleepover Friday night complete with in-house tent, grilling out, and homemade doughnuts for breakfast! Can you say brave and awesome?! My tiny could not stop talking about it, explaining in her few toddler words how excited she was to be “kickled.” Her cousins love chasing her and tickling her til she’s out of breath. It just thrills her.

{3} last minute. I found out the night before my half marathon that I was supposed to have been popping energy chews during my long runs. That mighta been useful for me to research beforehand. Ah ignorance, sometimes you kill me. So Dr. Hubs drove me straight over to REI to pick up some “shot blocks” to carry me through the 13 miles I was about to run. So many flavors to choose from! {I chose wild mountain berry. Perfect.}

{4} fuel. After experimenting quite a bit with different running fuel types, I’ve settled on 1/4 cup of plain quinoa and 1/3 chicken breast, diced and cooked with some salt and pepper for my 1.5 hour before-run meal, followed by a small handful of almonds 30 minutes later, followed by 1/2 a banana 15-30 minutes prior  to the actual run. Nothing else makes me feel quite as strong and light as this combo. And NO tummy pain which is huge for me! I never would have kept up with the running if I hadn’t gotten that cramping under control, and it was completely linked to nutrition. Quinoa . . . look it up. It’s awesome and versatile. ‘Nuff said.

{5} treasure. I ran in the Greer Earth Day Run this past weekend! My very first race ever! Priceless, that’s what the half marathon run with my sister was to me, a treasured experience, now a precious memory. We didn’t kill ourselves for a specific time. We just set out to finish, to finish strong, to finish together. And we did.

{6} balloon. My tiny would not let go of her half marathon souvenir. She ran round and round with it til she probably covered close to 13 miles herself!

{7} new favorite. Dr. Hubs and I paired our creative talents in the kitchen and turned out an absolutely delectable pizza {via several recipes that I hope to share this week!}, pear and Gorgonzola with walnuts and caramelized red onion. It was shockingly good, and I don’t even like pears! I can’t wait for some of you to try it!

{8} clink. It’s become quite the tradition for Daniel and Ali to share a Sunday afternoon cup of tea and pass numerous toasts back and forth. I have a feeling this little cup of steeped herbs, milk, and honey will be a means of binding their hearts together in fellowship and open conversation over time as they share it’s warmth week after week.

{9} group study. Daniel and I have just begun this new Monday night group study at church and are so excited to pursue a more intimate relationship with Christ. How People Change is a deeply personal and renewing study that leaves you open, raw at times, but equipped with truth, and clothed in the knowledge of your righteousness through Christ. It’s my goal to weekly share my journey through the class with you as well. It’s is so worth unpacking on here. There’s a good bit of reading and reflecting as prep for the lessons though. So I snuck in a few minutes of study time while the babe was in the bath.

Between house hunting, the physical demands of the half marathon, a cranky toddler, and thoughts of leaving my dear church family, this weekend was an emotional one. I cried on many occasions from joy, despair, confusion, exhaustion, weariness, and heart ache.

This whole moving business is an emotional roller coaster.But God has met me right in the middle of it and pointed out his beautiful means of grace over and over. This week and next I plan to rehearse some of that with you by sharing the truth from How People Change, writing about the half marathon experience, and posting the pear and Gorgonzola pizza recipe. A recipe? Really?! Yeah, good food is definitely an awesome means of God’s grace in my book! It deserves some show casing too.
See you again later this week, Lord willing!


  1. Awwww….although moving is exciting, it is never easy! I hope everything goes smoothly and you all are able to find a beautiful house to call your own. I know you will love that! Can't wait for the recipe!

  2. The group study sounds very interesting, and is very ironic considering I was telling my oldest son this morning the importance of having an intimate relationship with Christ. I look forward to reading your thoughts and notes on the study. Moving causes so many different emotions, especially a large move out of state. I've been there a few times so if you need any advice, just ask!

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