Weekend Recap

This whole regular Monday posting thing is growin’ on me. It’s one of those predictable things in life that’s exciting to look forward to. A total of 10 bloggers joined together and shared their weekends last week! And I just know more and more are going to because of the creativity of the link up hostess and the variety of weekend tales to be shared.
Joining the link up at Annapolis & Company again this week with mine!
annapolis and company
{1} bruschetta. It’s definitely one of my faves. This tomato, basil, mozzarella, and garlic combo was my contribution to the appetizers served at Daniel’s sister and brother-in-law’s moving away party {at which I took zero successful pictures}. Love you Matt and Rachel! We’ll miss you! {2} flying grills. As I was slamming the hood of the van shut, the grill popped off and punched me in the gut. Ugh! Duct tape maybe? {3} Aunt B. Ali just squeals when she’s around! We’ve enjoyed having her every weekend lately as she and I train for our race!
{4} Great Grandpa. What a dear my tiny was with my Grandpa this weekend. She kept snuggling up to him and Grandma and nestling her wee head into their shoulders. Talk about heart warming! {5} I got a dollar! Mom gave my girl a dollar to spend. Her cluelessness about what to do with it was just too cute. We ended up with fruit snacks. {6} shopper in training. Do you let your kids push those tiny carts through the store? They have ’em at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods where I live, and I try to let Ali use ’em when I’m in need of just one or two things, but it is extremely stressful! I feel as though she purposefully aims for those wine displays and elderly shoppers. I’m just sure I’m going to walk out of one of those stores with either a $5,000 shopping bill or a lawsuit one of these days. But her glee makes it all worth it.
{7} nature explorer. The weather was absolutely Ah-mazing Sunday, and Ali girl and I took full advantage of it. To the yard we took and inspected all sorts of insects, plants, and leaves. I gave her a shovel and she tried her hand at digging for the first time. Her expression of determination just cracked me up! We collected some dirt and planted a few wildflowers, and I decided to start looking into teaching her bites and bits of science here and there. Being a Biology grad that’s kinda exciting to me.
{8} biker. My daddy passed his awesome bike on to Dr. Hubs to use while we’re in Baltimore. We’re hoping to see a change in our gas bill! {9} naps. I took a couple this weekend, yes I did! Half marathon training has me eating like a horse and sleeping like a baby. Exhausted! {10} family time. Perhaps it will be family board games, bowling, bike rides, or rock climbing in the future, but for now, it’s blocks, and books, and baking. It’s a sweet season, and it is wonderful to us.
I hope your weekend was lovely and refreshing. If not {or if you’re still tired, like me} let’s make Monday our Saturday and take another nap. Who’s with me?!


  1. I'm up for the nap idea! 😉 beautiful pics! So happy to see how God is orchestrating things for ya'll!

  2. A fun read, and great pictures. Oh, yes, those little carts are stressful, but it does get better as they grow into better cart navigators. 😉 We only do it if the store is relatively empty. But we love it, too. Does she look for the frog, too (Trader Joe's)?

  3. I am totally with you on taking a nap today!! I wanted very badly to take one over the weekend, but three children don't allow me to. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend, aside from being hit in the gut. 🙂 You have a beautiful family!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. God is an awesome story-writer!

  5. Thanks Keren! The frog?! We're newbie shoppers at Trader Joes. Do tell!

  6. Lovely weekend, friend. So excited to see how your move to Baltimore goes. We have friends that just moved there about a year ago or so. You may know them: Karlyn {Tipmore} Blaha and Ricky Blaha. Both went to Bob Jones and Karlyn is such a dear person. She was in our society too! On second thought, you probably already know her. 🙂 Thanks for linking up, as always. Xoxoxo, mary beth

  7. YES! They were some of the first people we told. Looking forward to getting to know them better. I'm so grateful to know at least one couple as we move out there. God's grace to me 🙂

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