Weekend Recap

I’m gonna risk sounding like a broken record and say, it was another packed weekend.

They’ve been so filled and overflowing with the beauty of nature, family, love, adventure, rejoicing, and shared meals lately!

What these pictures don’t show are the numerous melt downs and tantrums of our 2-year-old, but they happened. They tried us. They wore us down. Take my word for it.

And pray for us. Seriously. Perhaps even share some advice for how to address anger with a toddler? Please and thank you.
{Ali} Friday we woke early and drove to Columbia, SC to see “Aunt KK”play her violin in a high school competition. I panicked when Ali tried to run to the front of the room in the middle of her performance. It was very full day, and she fell asleep on the way home in the middle of eating her cookie. Now that’s tired! Our evening Starbucks run thrilled her tiny spirit since her daddy has trained her to drink chai and tea. She’s quite the cup clinking enthusiast.

{match day} If you’ve been following our story at all, you’ll know that Friday was one of the biggest days of our entire lives. Friday we found out where we’ve been “matched” for residency. We walked to the front of the room to the Rocky theme song {pre-selected by Daniel} and excitedly opened our envelope revealing that my husband had been matched with Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, MD. I’m so incredibly proud of my hard working, diligent husband! And so humbled and grateful that God would bless us so. Having some of our family members there to celebrate around a fancy pizza immediately following was so special.

{Saturday} Beth and I decided to take a preview of the half marathon course, but were sorely disappointed that we couldn’t motivate ourselves to run past 4 miles. So exhausted. For dinner I decided that we should eat avocado mac n’ cheese in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. We packed up our creamy green dish and headed to the park for a sunny, windy picnic.

 {moving families} We’re not the only family moving on my in-law’s side. Daniel’s sister and brother-in-law head out a month before we do! Sunday spaghetti and garlic bread made for good fellowship food. While we talked about our moves and all the unknowns of the road ahead, Ali played with her brown play-dough, neutral because her mommy only had whole wheat flour in the house and didn’t want to mess with food coloring. Piled high it looked just like poo. Just sayin’. 
{Sunday evening cookout} Our close friends, Moses, Molly and Jeremy, invited us over for brats and smores. Ali was a fan of both. The weather was beautiful, and the kids took full advantage of it, running ’round and ’round the backyard while we talked about the new direction God is taking all of us. The beauty of the sunset comforted me, made me confident in my Father’s care and goodness in all His plans for us.
It’s gonna be a good life.
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  1. Lovely photos!!alyciamealy.blogspot.com

  2. I have the same issues with meltdowns and tantrums! I at least take comfort in knowing it's completely normal and just a stage. I'm totally in the middle of it with ya, though:) Thanks for your comment on my blog! xo

  3. Thank you! Just followed your blog! Looking forward to reading 🙂

  4. Ah yes, thank you for that! Helps to know there's others out there trying to figure out how to teach their littles ones patience (and themselves patience!) . . . Sheesh, I need to learn to control my own little outbursts. Thanks for stopping by!

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