Weekend Recap

Our weekends have been out of control busy lately! Do you know the feeling? Still, they’ve been filled with the most wonderful of activities. But there’s so much to catch up on today that I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking m’Kay?
 {1} cartoon snuggles. Nothing better than being in Daddy’s arms. {2} sleepover. Aunt B came to stay with us, and Ali couldn’t get enough of her. {3} 10 miles! Reaching that goal was so incredibly rewarding, but since my body reacted so violently in the following hours, we’ll not be repeating that distance for a few weeks. Mmhmm, ouch!
 {26th birthday} The day started out with sweet, kind forgiveness from my husband for my crankiness the night before followed by a high caloric, delicious, burger lunch. Well crafted burgers and fries are my weakness I tell ya. I’m constantly amazed at the kindness of God in giving me a husband that patiently forgives me and loves me enough to give the last truffle fry. True love right there.
And though I don’t have pictures for it, we also enjoyed hosting some of Daniel’s cousins from out of town for dinner that evening. Their fellowship was refreshing and encouraging.
{rock climbing} We headed to Rumbling Bald for a birthday climb on Saturday. I was so glad to have my brother join us {who happened to totally beast the hardest climb out there that day on his very first rock climbing attempt ever – show off}. I was in my glory enjoying the beauty of the mountains, testing my physical abilities, and fiddling around with a real deal photography camera for the first time that my bro-in-law brought along.
{birthday buddies} While I mentioned last week that there are 11 March birthdays on my in-laws side, there are also 3 March birthdays on my side. We had a big Sunday meal with the fam to celebrate {of which I could barely partake due the revenge my body was seeking for the 10 miles I demanded of it that morning}. Still a happy, sweet time with my dear ones. Love you Caleb and Jonny!
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  1. So proud of all your running, by the way! I don't think I'd said that before. 🙂

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