Weekend Recap

So have you decided yet? Where you think we should move to, that is. Review the 8 choices and vote! Only 11 days remain until we open that envelope containing our future destination! I haven’t had this much fun with a countdown since my wedding!
While I’m waiting though I’ll enjoy the good of today and savor the memories of our fun weekend with you. Linking up to Annapolis & Company as usual. Won’t you join us?
annapolis and company
{1} wee artist. She’s already taking after her Mimi and loving the expression of color and lines on paper. It delights me. {2} better late than never. Our budget often requires handmade gifts, but that usually makes me pretty tardy in the sending of them. Finally finished these napkins this weekend, only 8 months after the weddings they were intended for {make your own}. “At least it’s still within the couple’s first year”, I keep telling myself. {3} soccer game playmates. While we still have the opportunity I’m trying to get in as much family time as possible, and sibling soccer games are just the time to do that. Ali found herself some giggly playmates, little girls from a family of 14 kiddos. Our team won, my sister having scored the only goal. {4} sister run. Beth girl and I ran 7.6 miles and are super inspired to reach our half marathon goal. The cool evening made for a refreshing jog and easy conversation.
{5} March birthdays. There’s 11 of them in my in-laws’ family now. So we just do one big dinner at the beginning of the month and save for the season like it’s Christmas time. The girls got a few things from the shop I work at wrapped in torn book pages sewn together. My kinda wrapping. {6} Tanta. Ali loves her aunt {calling her “Tanta” along with the rest of the nieces and nephews} and willing gives her kisses whenever she’s asked. Yes, Tanta’s birthday is in March too. {7} Outfit fun. I got a few sideways remarks about my ripped skinny jeans, but I still love ’em, even if people do feel the need to tell me they’d gladly buy me a new pair since I obviously can’t afford flawless ones. Tehe 😉 Those jokesters. {8} winding down. Sometimes we need to color or play with chalk to calm down before nap time, and this Sunday afternoon was just such one of those days.


{9} spoiled. Dr. Hubs, along with the in-laws and my parents, got me this awesome non-stick bakers set from Williams-Sonoma for my birthday. How cool is that?! I see a lot of scones in our future! {10} after bath snuggles. I’m learning to savor these moments. That’s right, I said I’m learning. That doesn’t come naturally for this driven, task-oriented individual who has a hard time seeing the needs beyond her own checklists and goals. I’m confident in my Heavenly Father’s ability to change my heart though. {11} Lenten pretzels. We have really enjoyed our observance of Lent so far! Dr. Hubs got the urge to bake up some pretzels, a traditional Lenten snack, for a Sunday evening delight, and I ate three. He’s one fine baker. {12} official. It may be hard to see, but that right there is a confirmation of my sister’s and my registration for our half marathon in April. This just got real folks. No turning back now!
What a joy these weekends are. They are some of the best and most fulfilling of my life, and I’m so glad to be logging them.


  1. Beautiful! Love your pics & observations. I'm still learning to savor the moments too-after 9+ years of being a parent. I completely understand. I have come a long way, but the learning never stops-it shouldn't. Those early years fly by way too fast, even when it seems they are dragging in the present.

  2. What an encouragement that there are other moms that are striving to grow in similar areas! Thank you for that 🙂

  3. Love your blog! It's important to savor the moments. My little man is only 16 months & I feel like that FLEW by way too fast. Looking more like a kid & less like a baby these days. BTW.. The Strong Memorial Museum of Play in Rochester, NY is pretty darn cool. I live 1/2 way between Rochester & Buffalo. Bitter winters, yes, but you get a perfect taste for every single season! Hope wherever you land makes you & your family happy! 🙂

  4. Thank you! Yeah, everybody tells ya to savor the moments, but I had no idea it was going to take so much determination and intentionality to actually do it, you know? I'm finding that I have to intentionally look for those moments some days or I'll miss them. Or perhaps I enjoy the moment but quickly forget its sweetness because it's overshadowed by the tantrum that followed. Holding on to those moments can be so hard, but I'm learning, slowly, day by day. So worth it. I HAVE heard about that museum, and I'm super pumped about it if we do end up in Rochester. What a great thing to have around! Only 4 more days until we find out. I'm sitting on pins and needles! 😀

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