Our Adventure: Baltimore, MD edition

Out of all the interviews I had the fun of tagging along for, Baltimore, MD and Memphis, TN were the  only ones in which I did not accompany Daniel. From what I’ve heard from other med student spouses, having the privilege of sharing the experience of that many interview trips is rare.
The gift of these experiences hasn’t been lost on me. I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to share this time with Daniel.
Although I didn’t accompany Daniel for the actual interview, I did travel with him to Baltimore for his second look at the program and city.
With each passing year I’m discovering within myself a greater appreciation for history and a deep desire to preserve it.
That appreciation didn’t use to exist. 
Perhaps these interview trips have served that purpose, the contemplation and resulting appreciation of my heritage. 
Certainly as I visited the city of Baltimore and perused the books in Barnes & Noble on local historical architecture {a growing fascination of mine}, my imagination was alive with the things that were or might have been or are. It’s become a habit of mine to imagine the previous uses or families that have employed a space advanced in years.
And Baltimore, MD is one of those cities packed full of those inspiring establishments.
The hospital at which Daniel was interviewing is just one among many examples of the successful preservation of remarkably gorgeous buildings.
It’s interior was no less a thing of beauty with it’s tiered glass capped dome, spindled balconies, and tiled halls than it’s exterior casing.
Though this portion of the hospital is no longer used for medical purposes it stands as a memorial to all the healing and compassion administered within its halls in years previous.
Curiously there is a rather large statue of Jesus just inside its doors which nearly every individual momentarily paused at. Some simply swept their hand across his foot {being the germaphobe that I am, this made me shudder}. Others completely stopped and “touched the hem of his garment” as they mouthed a brief prayer. Several passed by, acting annoyed at the large obstacle in their path to the door. A few took no notice whatsoever as they were glued to their phones.
The ones that stopped to pray intrigued me. Why did they stop? What were they praying? Perhaps they were burdened for the healing of a loved one. What was so significant about this statue? Did they find comfort in its observable presence?
People want tangible comfort and security I concluded. How can I better communicate that those can only be found in a relationship rather than a physical representation? I mean, how can my life speak of that more effectively as an encouragement to others?
I’m ambivalent regarding physical representations at the moment, not having formed a strong opinion of my own. So don’t think I’m condemning such practices or assuming the absence of spiritual relationship among those that I observed. I was merely taking note and musing.
My vertigo {that comes and goes} was acting up which left me little balance and energy to explore that day, but I did get around to a few things, including much needed rest.
That frigid evening, we froze our noses and ears off in pursuit of some authentic Afghan cuisine. The brisk 1 mile walk was well worth it as we taste tested Kaddo Borwani {baby pumpkin in a yogurt garlic sauce}, as well as their sampler dishes that featured a variety of meats and vegetables for the Restaurant Week in Baltimore at the time. 
Our time spent driving there and back was pleasant and full of much conversation as we anticipate the finalizing of our future plans for residency. Michigan, Delaware, Philadelphia, Maine, New York, Connecticut, Tennessee, and Maryland {in no particular order} have now been finalized in our ranking, and there is nothing left to do than wait. 12:00pm March 15, 2013 is when we find out where we’ve been matched. Our hearts are free from anxiety regarding the outcome, though they are restless and desire to be informed of our future so that we may begin our search for housing and such. 
Less than 2 weeks remain. 
What’s your vote? I’m curious to see where you readers think we should end up. 
{If only lovely Boston had invited us for an interview as well . . . Still, our choices are fabulous and you won’t find me complaining one bit! Though I did enjoy Boston so.} 


  1. New York, especially if it's Upstate.- Hannah

  2. Yeah, Rochester was so beautiful! I really loved it. It's definitely one of our top choices 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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