Weekend Recap

Ah yes, it’s Monday again. Wait a minute! That means I haven’t blogged a lick since my last Weekend Recap. {sigh} I had a few planned, a few started, but just never found the right time to follow through. Blogging isn’t my job or anything so I suppose this is acceptable. Still, I can begin to feel guilt welling up inside for this blogging failure, as if there were some universal bloggy moral code that requires at least 3 various posts a week on pain of surrendering your space for lack of diligence. As far as I know, Blogger doesn’t list this kind of agreement in their terms of service so I believe I’m safe.
Though important to me, and an enjoyable hobby, when a week gets tough, blogging is usually the first to go. Hence the sporadic nature with which I post. I’m sure you understand. You all are just awesome like that.
Guilt aside, I really had quite a lovely week between working two days at the consignment store, Bible study, running, house sitting for the in-laws, trips to the park, and delightful trips to Goodwill that rid my home of unnecessary extras. There’s nothing quite like the sense of relief and accomplishment felt upon exiting the Goodwill drop off center parking lot. 
We spent most of our weekend dog sitting for Daniel’s parents. Poor dog is terrorized by Ali’s enthusiasm for her. I’m not a dog lover by any means, but I felt it necessary to distract my tiny hound enthusiast from time-to-time to allow the tired canine a small respite. She got a real kick out of playing with the electric piano and changing the modes from baby grand, to guitar, to choir, to organ. Her musical expression was just so darn cute I had to record it.
My twin sister {10 years younger than me} and I have it in our heads that we’re gonna run a half marathon together before I move. Saturday we braved the damp cold, killer hills, ruthless dogs, a deceptive Nike running app that told us we had only run 0.31 miles after a grueling 40 minutes, and crazy drivers to get in our sister run. It was all worth it because we are just that more inspired to reach our goal.
My mom is that artiest of the artsy and not only babysits her granddaughter but gives her art lessons and creates palm imprints as keepsakes. How we will miss her when we move! This clay art will be such a treasured piece. Thanks Mom!
Game night with the parentals is always fun. Between game night with Daniel’s classmates the night before and Ticket to Ride with my family the next we had our share of competition. Type A medical students and moms {at least mine} tend to really get into it.

After enjoying an inspiring run with the sis, great family conversation, a yummy mom-cooked dinner, and a game of strategizing and laughter, Aletheia got a round of piggy back rides from each available family member before we left for home. iPads take pretty decent photos, but night time indoor scenes are not their forte, so we ended up with a fuzzy, blurry, poorly lit, yet dearly beloved captured moment of joy. It’s a keeper.
Sunday morning fog and chasing the geese before heading into nursery: a little girl’s dream.
And church? It was a gospel empowering as always. How sweet to fellowship with these dear ones that are seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.
Nap time is a battle every. single. day. Sunday afternoon was a sweeter version of it though, and I don’t mind those too much at all. Listen to the video for a wee sound bite of toddler sweetness.
To finish out our weekend we enjoyed a late evening park visit in the cool air. It’s the best after nap activity ever {or so implies Ali}. The absence of screaming and nap hangover makes it a favorite of mine too.
Have you been thinking about joining the weekend link up party too? Today is a great time to start with a picture or two and and a few short captions. They’re delightful snap shots to reflect on and be reminded of later on down the road.
Link up to Annapolis & Company to join in!

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  1. Susanna! Oh. My. Gosh. You need to keep taking videos of that Ali girl because she's going to be famous one day. Not even kidding. She is SO cute and dramatic….and I love it all. Thanks for linking up to A & C and promoting the link up party! We are forever grateful over here. 🙂

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