Weekend Recap

In case you haven’t heard, I’m joining up with a bunch of great bloggers for a weekend story-telling series.
Perhaps I’ll get all consistent and stuff and make it a regular Monday posting, eh?
Seems like a long shot, but I’m gonna enjoy the weeks it actually happens.
{1} switch-a-roos. A dear mom friend offered to watch my baby girl so I could hit up this huge consignment sale this weekend. Being the rookie consigment shopper that I am, I was blown away by the amount of stuff {and people} crammed into that place! After two hours of diligently searching the 2T rack {and praying my shoulder wouldn’t give out from doubling as a clothes line} and another hour of sorting and standing in line, I was immensely grateful that I was on my own and could think with a semi clear head. I said a few prayers for the other moms and tried to cheer up as many kids as I could as they wept in their strollers as I passed by. What an intense event!  
{2} loot. Thankfully the trip was not in vain. I secured plenty of clothes to last Ali through the Spring and Summer, including an adorable pair of white J. Crew shorts that I wish were a hunderd sizes bigger so I could wear them.
{3} Visitors. I worked Saturday and was blessed with a visit from these dear ladies: my nieces. What a cheerful little bunch they are.
{4} perks. Whether blessing or curse {I have yet to determine which}, seeing all the clothes that come through our doors gives me quite a selection to choose from. This stripey, comfy, slouchy shirt made its way into my possession after I sold enough brooch flowers to purchase it. Score!
{1} fancy. Dr. Hubs did the majority of the cooking this weekend as a treat to me. Saturday evening he carefully researched and compared recipes to make the best meal possible. What else would you expect from a medical student? That research paid off though, and the meal was scumptious!
{2} sprouts of brussels. Yeah, I’m spoiled. Check out this recipe he used! {We would recommend using less balsamic vinegar than they call for however. It ended up being a bit strong.}
{3} big girl. Ali insists on being seated in a grown up chair for dinner these days. Her table setting definitely exceeded ours in quality and finery, wouldn’t you say?
{4} bag. We went out shopping later that evening and Little Miss diligently packed her own “purth”: a re-useable grocery bag she filled with her “wankie”, ball, blocks, stickers, some more blocks, her puppy, and some more blocks. She could barely lift it, but she heaved that pack on her shoulder, and with much determination, walked to the door.
{1} lent. Daniel and I are excited to be celebrating Lent this year! We picked out a cross and some candles to participate in the traditional decor of the season. More on this soon!
{2} learned. I dislike buying fresh cilantro and parsely because I never seem to be able to use it all before it spoils. And I really hate slimy stuff, in my fridge, in my kitchen, or in my house for that matter. It’s gross. So Daniel suggested I research how to better store said produce {again with the research thing!}. Being the consistently cooperative wife that I am I followed his advice. Apparently you’re supposed to trim the stems and store the fresh bundle of beauty in some water {covered in plastic if kept in the fridge}. I’m quite pleased with this suggestion. I’d take a bundle of fresh herbs on my table over 2 dozen roses any day.
{3} OCD. I don’t mind the title. I’ve even come to embrace it a little. That being said, I excitedly present you with a picture of my newly organized fridge. It was a highlight of my weekend. I smile every time I open its doors.
{4} DA. We spent more time than we’d care to admit trying to watch 1 episode of this series. Our internet was glitchy so we had to pause the show every 2 minutes to wait for it to reload. We ended up watching the last 10 minutes on Daniel’s phone. Even though we knew the ending {thanks a lot FB spoilers!} we still enjoyed it and had some good conversation in between glitches. I can’t believe we were that persistent in finishing out the episode though.
{5} master droolkins. Sunday was spent in the company of good friends . . . and their kiddos. Nothing like talking about the future with your partners in the gospel and snuggling with their smiley 6-month-old.
Have any suggestions of fun weekend adventures or yummy lazy day meals? I’d love to hear!
Join the party and link up with your weekends too!


  1. Oh girl. I have several things. One, I love the shirt you decided on…really good choice! Two, I have a touch of OCD but I have to say my refrigerator is a disaSASter right now. I keep opening it and going…"maybe today? no." and keep going on with my day. On second thought, I probably don't have OCD. And third, are you watching the current season of Downtown Abbey??? Because I want to watch it, but we don't have cable. 😦 Any black market ways to get our fix over here? And lastly…thank you for being the best supporter of A & C and linking up. The best. Seriously. 🙂

  2. Well thanks buddy! As for your fridge, take heart. It took me weeks and weeks to attend to mine. I'm working on not letting things like that affect my mood so much, but it's tough! We watched DA on a questionably legal website for a while, but then it got shut down. The season is currently running in the US so you don't have to sneak around to watch it anymore. Just go to PBS.org and enjoy 🙂 I'm so happy to participate in your supporting your blog girl. It's exciting watching it take off and seeing you enjoying the thrill of it all. It's been a blast joining in. Thanks for the encouragement!

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