Our Adventure: New Haven, CT edition

First Michigan, then Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts {just for fun}, Maine, New York, and now Connecticut!
This residency selection process has been such a thrilling and unbelievably good experience. Looking back through these photos and recounting the planes, trains, buses, taxis, cars, and walks that we’ve taken between the 7 places we’ve visited so far I feel very much like a small hobbit who has seen the world outside the Shire for the first time. And folks? I’ll never be quite the same.
{Confused about residency selection? I give a quick explanation here.}
After driving to all of our previous destinations we thought it was time to fly for once. So fly we did . . . all the way to New York City. Then we jumped into a taxi which took us to the train station where we slipped onto the line heading to New Haven, CT. This was my first train ride, and I was pretty excited as we waited on the snowy platform. It was peak riding time so space was quite cramped aboard, but after a few stops seats opened up. Daniel grabbed one across from me, and we passed my iPad back and forth playing Ticket to Ride for the rest of the trip. Unintentionally ironic.
Our hotel was quite lovely but had a mediocre view of the city. Sunrise and sunset however were beyond breathtaking.
Having a slow morning the following day we decided to explore the city together.
It’s a grand area of CT with majestic architecture that testifies of its strong, solid history with each well shaped stone.
The whole city wore a heavy cloak of snow.
And when the sun struck its fabric it gave the appearance of a sparkling jeweled white robe.
And when the wind struck our large Roman lineage noses it created the illusion that our faces were being attacked by an angry lobster. Just sayin’. It was coooooold! 
Each interview is a time of careful re-dedication that our lives our not our own, that we don’t have wisdom in and of ourselves to choose, that our life-story is just a small sub-story in the grand, divine story of the great hero Jesus.
The worth of having a husband that views his career choices that way is without price.
My heart had been especially weary and sin burdened that week. So instead of running out the hotel doors that afternoon the Spirit drew me into a wonderful time of fellowship.
I finished my reading of the book Redemption. It has to be one of the best, most influential books I’ve read to date. But I’ll save more commentary for a book review.
Let it suffice to say that I was deeply and beautifully refreshed in Truth that day.
The following day I was refreshed with beauty and the enjoyment of the creative as I toured the local art museum.
Artwork aside, the building itself was enough to be admired.
Happy indeed.
The view from the top floor of the museum was like taking a step back in time. While I love our modern world, its skyscrapers and city streets cannot compare to cobblestone and bell towers in my opinion.
Together, Daniel and I toured the rare book museum in the evening. While the structure was quite impressive and their collection admirably large, they had little on display at the time because they were in between exhibits. Kinda a let down, but gettin’ a gander at the Gutenberg Bible was well worth the visit. They even had a first edition copy of the Hobbit on display which made me feel rather intellectual because I had a copy {not first ed.} in my possession that I had nearly finished reading. If only that indicated intellectualism . . . 
Our train ride back to New York was much roomier. I continued my reading of The Hobbit while Daniel strategized for the expansion of his railroad in Ticket to Ride. If med school doesn’t work out he’s gonna look into the railroad business.
I was so grateful our return trip was early morning so I could watch the softly lit landscape fly by the train window as if it were a relaxing nature film.
All our trips have gone without any kind of travel delays. It’s quite amazing really. The very last leg of the way home had a bit of a bump in it though, but one that we didn’t mind too much. Our flight to Greenville was weight restricted and volunteers were asked to remain behind and were told they would receive $200 vouchers for their trouble. So my hefty husband and I capitalized on that opportunity and lightened their load for some free plane tickets. Cha-ching! 
Settlers of Catan entertained us until the next flight was ready for take off.
Nerds we are. But such happy little nerds.

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