Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! As I mentioned yesterday, I’m putting aside monthly updates and replacing them with weekend recaps for the time being. That way I save time, continue logging beautiful {and not-so-beautiful} memories, and support my lovely blogger friends by joining a fun weekend story-telling community.
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{1} Baltimore, MD. At the start of our weekend my husband and I found ourselves touring the lovely harbor city of Baltimore, MD. Earlier in the month he had a residency interview there and loved it. Seeing as how I may be spending the next 4 + years of my life there he really wanted to get my input on the area; so he brought me back for a second look. His care of my opinion and preferences endears him to me so.
{2} the helmand. Tea {or just about any steamy hot beverage} and I don’t get along. I’ve just never been able to enjoy it. Since it was part of my awesome Afghan cuisine however {and since I’m so grateful for a husband that tries new things for me}, I sipped on a cardamon tea that was actually not all that bad tasting. Still, I won’t be stocking my shelves just yet.
{3} spoiled. Both Daniel’s parents and mine kept Ali while we were away. Not only did they entertain, bathe, feed, and love on our little girl, but we were also met with my favorite meal upon our return: Salmon bowtie pasta. I’ll have to share it with you sometime. It’s addictive!
{4} outdoors. Our Sunday was sunny and warm here in SC. While grilling up lunch Daniel let Ali chase him around the back yard. Her squeals could be heard around the block.
{5} open. The weather was too crisp and fresh to be barred from our home with closed doors and windows that day.
{6} fla-vor-ful. Who knew that a 1 Tbsp of savory Cajun spiced mustard could transform a burger so. I am no mustard fan, but I decided to blend a bit of it into the meat before forming the patties. Throw in some bread crumbs, worchestire sauce, garlic powder, and McCormick Montreal steak seasoning, and you’ll have a delicious burger {and by throw I mean dump}. We topped ours with melted queso cheese, spring mix greens, and sliced avocado and tomato.
{7} good eats. Along with our burgers we enjoyed our favorite veggie: edamame. With how much Ali enjoys them we had quite the pile up of empty pods by the end. Isn’t it just like God to wrap His good gifts in such lovely packages?
{8} super bowl! Our small group from church got together to enjoy fellowshipping around the super bowl. We’ve been blessed folks, purely and abundantly blessed. They’ve been such a support and encouragement to us. Since Daniel and I had just returned from Baltimore we decided to cheer for the Ravens . . . looks like we made a good choice, eh?!
{9} puppy love. It’s nice that so many of our friends have dogs. That way, Ali can get her fix a few times a week, and we don’t have to own one ourselves. Is that terrible? I just don’t think I can add that craziness to our lives right now . . . or ever for that matter.
Our weekends have been much along the same lines as these for some months as we toured the country looking into residency programs, and while I’ve loved it, I’m really looking forward to a home-bound one for a few weeks in a row. How about you? Traveling much lately? Or are you ready to throw a pack on your back and head out on an adventure of your own?
{If you head over to Annapolis & Company you’ll see I’ve copied her weekend photo grid style. Turns out 9 photos is actually quite a perfect little number of weekend snapshots!}


  1. I started getting hungry around #6 sounds like a lovely & yummy weekend:-)

  2. Ditto, Mary. I'm not supposed to be into meat, but I'm pretty sure that burger description had my stomach growling. Um….YUM. Never thought to top it with avocados…but we too are ALL about the Montreal Steak seasoning over here. Couldn't live without it. Thanks for giving me a peek into SC life…I hope you keep linking up because I'm loving it. No pressure.

  3. Yeah, I get a little too carried away with food pictures . . . if I'm not careful all my weekend posts will be entirely about food! 😉 But thank you! I enjoyed reading yours too!

  4. A good burger easily tempts me for sure. If only I had known about the steak seasoning before 🙂 Thanks for the hosting the link up party girl. It should be great fun!

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