Our Adventure: Portland, ME edition

In case you’re new here, I’ve been publishing a series of posts recapping the once-in-a-lifetime adventures me and my husband have been enjoying as we travel from city to city following his interview trail. He’s a 4th year medical student looking into residency programs, mostly in the north-east. Pursuing the field of Med-Peds, he’ll interview at a total of 9 programs before it’s all said and done with. Once the interview period has come to a close {at the end of January}, we’ll rank those programs from our most liked residency to the least {in February}. Likewise, each program will rank us and all the applicants they interviewed. All the rankings are entered into a computer program that assigns students to programs and programs to students based on those rankings {talk about trusting the sovereignty of God!}. Then, on “Match Day” {March 15th, this year}, he, and every other medical student in the country, will find out where they’ve matched. Daniel’s school has each student stand in front of the class to open their envelope and read aloud where they’ve matched {it’s optional of course, but everybody does it}. Once you’ve discovered where you’ll be moving to {in June of the same year} you place your pin on a map. Exciting, huh?! As much as I can’t wait for that day to come, I’m really lovin’ this whole process while we visit new places and enjoy new experiences.
So on from Boston, we traveled to Portland, ME.
The night before the interview there’s always a dinner with the existing residents. We gobbled up a scrumptious meal of homemade goulash and noodles with fresh salad prepared by one of the first year residents while in Portland. I really enjoy these in-home meals as they tend to give you a better idea of what the residents are like. The environment and conversation is laid back and fun.
While Daniel interviewed the next day, I relaxed by reading and blogging in the hotel room. I wasn’t feeling the greatest; so I didn’t go exploring like I had been making a habit of doing while he was away.
He returned at 3:30, changed his suit and tie for jeans and a sweater, and took me out on a date.
These interview days are long and exhausting, but in the spirit of adventure, Daniel always tries to make time to explore with me in the late afternoon and evening following. He’s just wonderful like that.
With dusk arriving at 4pm and our destination of interest closing once dark, we hurried on over to the Portland Head Light as fast as we could.
Being a lover of mountains myself, and not entirely too fond of beaches, I was surprised at how much I fell in love with this rocky, wave-beaten, landscape.
I totally had an Anne of Green Gables moment as I drank in the sight of those powerful, salty, misty waves crashing all around. Right after I had Aletheia I read 6 of the Anne books, and this is exactly what I imagined the surroundings of her house near the lighthouse to look like.
I began to feel a bit nervous that I would never be able to choose between all these beautiful places as I kept falling in love with each one. Good thing I’m not the only one deciding!
{And no, I can’t tell you our current ranking list. I’ve been forbidden. Stop tempting me! I’m about ready to burst with the secret!}
Wherever I end up, I’ll be with that handsome man standing over there on those wave-chiseled rocks.
And wherever we end up we’ll always be in the presence of Jesus, and that’s all that matters.
Once dusk turned into dark {by a shockingly early 4:30pm}, we toured downtown in the dreamily drizzly and city-lit night.
An emphasis on local flavor and artistry is so attractive to me and was abundant in Portland; so my love for the area continued and soared throughout the evening.
Wanting to partake of local {and affordable} seafood, we stopped in at a small pub for some fish and chips. I pretended like all the walking justified the number of calories I consumed and left it at that. Absolutely scrumdidalyumptious! 
Goodbye beautiful Portland. We loved you.



  2. Thank you! We're so blessed 🙂

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