Christmas Letter 2012

Hello dear family and friends!

How these days pass by so quickly I will never understand. 2012, almost over?! It was a full and adventurous year, in ordinary and extraordinary ways. If you keep up with my scribblings on here then you probably know all there is to know about the goings on at the Mr. {almost Dr!} and Mrs. Daniel H. household.

I’m going to attempt to write a brief update of our year just the same. If you want the more detailed edition of this or that event just click on the blue words within the text. M’kay?

Aletheia: It’s odd to think of it this way, but she started walking the first of this year. {It seems like she’s been walking for a lot longer than that!} After walking came talking; “Mommy, Daddy, mo {more}, tank you {thank you}, peaze {please}, no want to, yeah, dowe {down} , doggy, wankie {blankie}, wosie {ring around the rosie}, and mere {come here}” are her most used words now. “Mere” especially melts my heart. She’s quite the littler “helper” now, enjoying helping with the laundry, dishes, and cooking {may it ever continue!}. She colors, stacks blocks, explores the outdoors, and screams, quite well. She hates sitting still, bath time, and having her picture taken {which means this picture lovin’ momma has to pass up cute Kodak moments from time-to-time}. She turned two in November, and we celebrated with “Up” theme decor and treats. It’s impossible to update you on every little Aletheia development because she’s changed more this year than I think she ever will in the same space of time, but this gives you a little snap shot into our blonde, curly-headed, spunky, full of passion and expression, adventurous tiny girl’s busy life.
Daniel: He completed his 3rd year of medical school this past May, and we combined the celebration of that along with our 3rd anniversary and father’s day by sending ourselves on a little getaway to NC. Though much was learned in 3rd year we were ever so happy to see it go. It was a long, tiring, difficult time. Shortly thereafter he began his fourth year by studying for and successfully passing Step 2 of his boards. We’re thrilled and humbled at how God has given Daniel such success in his medical training! His most enjoyable rotation this year was pediatrics; which is what helped to clarify his choice of a Med-Peds speciality. Favorite quote of the year from my husband: “I performed a circumcision today, Babe. I believe I did his future wife proud.” In recent months, he and I have been traveling up North to interview at various residency programs. By the end of the year he will have completed 5 different interviews and will visit 4 other programs in January before it’s all said and done with. Traveling with Dr. Hubs on these trips has been the highlight of my year for sure, but now I’m getting ahead of myself. In non-school hours, he’s taken up a love for rock climbing, venturing on some {risky looking} outdoor excursions with his cousin and brother-in-law. I hope to join him some time, if only I could get up enough courage.
Susanna: For me, this has been a year of discovering new interests. I have spent a good deal of time nannying, working for my father-in-law, working in a consignment store, learning to sew, reading more than I have in the past, creating and selling fabric brooch accessories, trying new recipes, visiting big cities, and participating in numerous and wonderful Bible studies. I’ve discovered so many different interests that I’ve had to learn to choose which ones to pursue at any given time. “It’s better to do a few things well than a good many things poorly”, I keep telling myself. Through the mentorship of a good friend, ladies Bible study, a wonderful Church family, and close family, I have seen the Spirit change me in many ways this year. I have a new perspective on who God is, how He views me, and His masterful plan of redemption. May the Spirit always continue renewing my mind. Contributing to this spiritual growth are the books I’ve read this year. Granted I didn’t reach my goal of 12 books, nor have written a review of each, but I’ve really enjoyed the one’s that I have gotten to read. 10 in all, and I’m on the 11th. So kinda close. I’ve visited 5 new cities this year while on the residency trail with Dr. Hubs. Wilmington, DE, Philly, PA, Boston, MA, Portland, ME, and Rochester, NY were incredible. I just can’t say enough how much I enjoyed experiencing these cities. The adventure of a lifetime is what it’s been. We’re enormously blessed.
We’ve been provided for over and over this year. In fact, we received an enormously generous gift just this afternoon. We can’t explain why or how God meets each need monetarily or emotionally, but He does, He does. We have the things we need {and want}, we’re in good health, we’ve been blessed with success, with joy, with family, with work, and we’re experiencing the adventure of a lifetime as we go through this residency selection process. And the gift that has made all these other gifts possible is the gift we celebrate this Christmas, the gift of Jesus. In need and in plenty this is what has been running through my mind: “He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?” {Rom. 8:32}. The “all things” may look different for you than it does for us, but it is a gracious “all things”, made possible because of Christ being born to us, living among us, and dying for us.

Merry Christmas my loved ones!

Daniel, Susanna, and Aletheia

PS: Our family photos were taken by Oh! Photography. Best. photographers. ever!

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