Our Adventure: Boston, MA edition

Because we had some time on our hands before Daniel’s second interview, and because we have always wanted to visit Boston in the fall, and because we were able to use our citi card rewards points on a smashingly nice hotel, we spent the night in the fine state of Massachusetts after leaving Philly.
While our 4 star accommodations were splendid, I like my complimentary breakfast, wifi, and parking far too much to pay extra for them just so I can have a semi comfier bed. You may find it odd, but I actually felt pretty out of place with bell hops loading and unloading my {junky looking} luggage, and women bustling by with their designer label shopping bags in tow. At first I felt as if I stuck out like a Walton in New York City with my plain Jane clothes and dirty-from-traveling mini van. But after preaching a quick mini sermon to myself on finding my security in Jesus rather than labels, looks, or impressions I ventured out of the corner I had been hiding in and dared to enjoy myself despite my insecurities.
After a super comfy sleep, we set out to explore the sights in Boston. Daniel decided that walking the Freedom Trail would give us the best overview of the city so we headed in the direction of the Boston Commons.
While most of the leaves had fallen off the trees, the city still had a warm beauty to it, with marigold autumn remnants decorating our path.
After a bit of confusion as to where the trail actually started, we found our way and began at the state house. The memorials and architecture within the building were unimaginably intricate. {I say unimaginable, because I can’t imagine how anyone could be so skilled as to accomplish decorating in such a majestic fashion when I can’t even seem to finish a few minor projects for my – now – 2 year old’s nursery.} I stood and admired the beauty for some time.
We continued walking down the street, past business man, career woman, tired mother, reluctant child, and homeless teenager. Considering the backgrounds of those moving past me as I walk or drive never ceases to overwhelm me.
How many know what love is, the God kind of love? How many have eaten today? How many are hurting with no one to comfort them? How many think they have it all together and yet are losing their own soul? 
Such reflections are useless unless they move you towards some kind of action though. Sometimes it’s just giving that tired mom a big smile as you walk by. Other times its stopping to take the homeless teenager out to eat or drive him somewhere so he can get warm. Whatever it is, it has to be for the sake of the kingdom, for making the name of God big.
Arriving at the first cemetery along the route was sobering. Cemeteries usually are, I suppose. This one felt different though. Almost every tombstone was black, about the same size, crammed close together, and had an image of a winged skull decorating the top. After walking through, I came away with these thoughts: these people died and were buried as equals. Death is death no matter how pretty you dress up the grave. {There was a sweet simplicity to the grave markers that moved me.} And finally, though freedom means you’re free, it doesn’t mean purchasing it was. I owed these people something big. Yet all I could do to honor them then was to clean up the trash that had blown into their resting place and to live gratefully for the sacrifices they made in life or death.
Further down the trail we visited several old churches, including the Old North Church where the lanterns were hung.
Mile after mile we enjoyed celebrating our nation’s blessed, yet sobering, history. Many of the museums and stops along the way required paid admittance so we weren’t able to see everything, but we did enjoy a great deal of rich remembrance.
The city is most definitely a favorite of mine now. Daniel doesn’t interview there, but I wouldn’t mind making a return trip . . . or two, or three.
After a quick trip on the subway back to our hotel {there’s a cool app for navigating subways I discovered}, and paying the $38 required to park there overnight, we headed in the direction of Portland, Maine.

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