Our Adventure: Philly, PA edition

After a quick overview of the city of Wilmington, DE, Daniel took me out to see the sights of Philly, just 45 minutes away. {He’ll be interviewing there later this month.}

It was definitely a culture shock, what with cars parked everywhere, and I mean ev.er.y.where . . . like in the median all down the street. Bicyclers braving the masses without seeming to care if they nearly got run over at every turn sped by my car window, and everyone walked quickly towards job, pleasure, or home. Without meaning to, and quite to my surprise, I immediately fell in love with it all.

I realized my growing affection for the city when we walked past the first street of row houses. Now, I get that these were in Center City and consequently very expensive, meaning that I would never live in these particular homes, but I absolutely adored them. If I had had time, I would have taken a picture of the various ornate and sturdy looking door knockers along the row and made a collage to commemorate their beauty. This particular street had fancied itself up for Christmas and was twinkling beautifully as we passed it later that evening.

After locating a parking spot, we merged ourselves onto the sidewalk along the locals and walked according to whim. 10th Pres, Rittenhouse Square, a local farmer’s market, Independence Hall, the merchants on Walnut street, and assorted holiday markets captured our attention as we toured the city street after street after beautiful street.

After exploring a number of blocks we paused for some cocoa. And I began thinking about how much I love the north. I love how it brings out my northern accent. I love how Christmas time really feels like the real deal, with the colorfully decorated streets and chilly outdoor walks. And hot chocolate, it’s more of a comfort because there’s actually a chill in your bones to banish rather than just an inclination for a creamy sweet liquid. I love my southern home too, but there has always been a special love for the north in me.

Back to the streets we went, enjoying the merry trimmings and festive lights. Street corner markets with their fresh, local produce and pungently obvious fish inventory were plenteous and thrilling. Something about an open air market with goods all stored up in wooden crates and shop owners dressed in their apron with broom in hand really gets me excited.

Hunger soon overpowered the urge to explore, so we set our compass towards S. Philly to partake of the famous Geno’s Philly steak and cheese. The walk was a good 2 miles {on top of the 4 + we had already covered}, so I was pretty relieved when we finally caught whiff of the delicious diner. I don’t know if I was just so hungry, or if it was genuinely that good, but I seriously enjoyed that savory sub. I might ask them to mail me a few from time to time.

After our authentic dinner we footed it back to our car, enjoying the lit cityscape against the night sky. “Yes, yes, I do love this place”, I thought as we walked along, hand-in-hand.

The next morning, we returned for a tour of the art museum. I trotted up the steps part way, silently rehearsing the Rocky theme song in my head. But no, I was too self conscious to raise my hands in victory and dance around at the top. ‘Tis a shame too, because that would have made a good story.

There was absolutely too much to see, so we only got part way through before tuckering out and needing to head towards our next destination. The pieces I did get to enjoy though were more than just easy on the eyes, they were intriguing, relatable, masterful, and full of endless stories to tell.

What a spectacular time with my Love, my fellow adventurer.


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