Our Adventure: Wilmington, DE edition

Continuing on in our residency interview adventures. MI {covered in a 5 post series} came first, and now DE follows.
4:30am and not an ounce of grumpiness. The bags were packed, travel clothes laid out, and itinerary set . . . set for what I was sure would be one of the most amazing trips I had ever taken. And seeing how I’ve had the privilege of traveling to Israel and Africa, that’s saying something.
Exhaustion met up with me soon after starting down the road. We had been up late the night before, readying ourselves for the trip and settling in Aletheia at Daniel’s parents house. Good thing my husband doesn’t mind driving because I was little to no help as I slept, read, fiddled with my new iPad we got from Mom and Dad Hindman, and chatted his ear off. The trip would go smoothly that day, no traffic and 10 hours in duration. I felt like one big smile as we made our way towards Wilmington, DE. I get a traveler’s high from watching new landscapes roll by my window. I could have, and may have, giggled several times at the adventure of it all.
The hotel we were placed in did not disappoint. We were met with beautiful Christmas decor and plush accommodations upon our arrival. Within 2 hours we were settled and dressed for the pre-interview dinner. Conversation over dinner was light-hearted and informative as we got to know several of the residents on staff. The youngest “resident” among them, being only 10 months old, got my heart to aching a bit for some snuggles with my own little girl. The parents probably wished I would have stopped staring at their kid.
We were met with a frosty coating on our van in the morning. Having little time to do anything about it, Daniel wielded the ice scraper to create a small a portal shaped clearing in the window, allowing minimally safe driving for our less than 5 minute trip to the hospital. After kissing him goodbye, I waited in the parking lot until both the car and I defrosted before making the return trip to the hotel.
Watching him walk into these interviews is so surreal. “Have we really make it this far? Could this city be where we end up? Am I seriously married to that ridiculously handsome man who has been blessed to achieve so much? It’s pretty incredible that the next 4 years of our life could be determined in these interviews.”
As for me, while he’s smartly dressed in a suit and tie, answering countless questions and weighing the pros and cons of this or that program, I’m living it up, exercising, reading, blogging, shopping. I had a delightful morning getting a run in on the treadmill, catching up on some of my favorite blog reading, writing a few of my own posts, reading my Bible, and skyping with my baby girl. I began to think to myself, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if every morning were so productive and relaxing, and enjoyable?!” After a few minutes of living in that imaginary place, I realized something. That’s not the kind of life I was made for. I wasn’t created to live for myself. My life is created for the purpose of living to God and others. Sure, mornings like this are nice, and needed sometimes. They should be enjoyed, but they aren’t the end I am working towards. I’m not designed to work towards a life of pleasing myself and fulfilling my own schedule . . . even though that’s what I naturally gravitate towards. The Creator intends for me to enjoy His good gifts but also to share them and use them as a means to invite people into His kingdom.
With that in mind, I continued enjoying my luxurious morning, content that it was but a temporary pleasure that didn’t need to last a lifetime. I visited the mall, pretty much the biggest attraction in this particular area. I’m not a mall person myself, but I really enjoyed visiting some of my favorite shops without any real time or toddler constraints. Visiting anthropologie for the first time made my day. I have a friend who got a holiday season job there, and I’m a little jealous now. Too cool.
I used the last couple hours before Daniel’s interview ended {these typically last from 7am-4pm} to write and read over hot chocolate and a chocolate chip muffin at a nearby Dunkin Donuts. Mmmmmm, sweet uninterrupted intellectualism. I felt all businesslike . . . even though I wasn’t working on anything remotely business related.
Daniel and I caught up with each other over some Asian food at dinner. The interview was pretty laid back and fun. As for his overall impression of the program, I don’t have the spousal rights to release that kind of information. We’re taking notes though and will make a comparison of the programs once we finish the whole process. Stay tuned.
We were super blessed to be housed by a local friend’s family so that there wasn’t a need to pay for hotel accommodations the next couple of nights. Their son is a resident at the program we came to interview at, and he has been a true, like-minded friend to my Daniel.
There were twin beds at the apartment, and I giggled thinking of all the old Doris Day or Cary Grant movies depicting similar sleeping arrangements for married couples on screen. The family’s hospitality in letting us use their apartment was so generous and helpful, and we are so very grateful.

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  1. Love this recap of a beautiful state! Glad you got to see my hometown {sort of}!

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