Our Adventure: Part V

This is the last post covering our trip to MI and back. Late in coming. But now a successfully captured memory. Photos are pretty grainy because I am blessed to being using an iPhone for all my picture taking. No, seriously, I am blessed. The photos just aren’t the best. Updates on our current travels to follow.
The last leg of our little road trip was a stop in Chattanooga, TN. Finally a morning to just sleep in and take things slow. I love those kind of mornings. I’m definitely a girl who prizes her sleep! Met up with some friends in the hotel lobby. No makeup on. Eh, who cares. We’re not friends because of my make up. Enjoyed some laughs over apple juice that resembled and tasted like pee. Woops, time was getting away from us. It was time to head back upstairs to get ready for the party.
I quickly looked through youtube videos for instructions on how to wear a sari but was having a miserable time figuring things out. Time was about gone, and I was looking more and more mummified in my sari. I poked my head out of the room and low and behold, a motherly looking woman in a perfectly set sari was walking down the hotel hallway. Ambushing her, I pulled her inside and urged her to teach me the way of the sari. She kindly wrapped and pinned and wrapped and pinned the yards of beautiful fabric until it was all set in place, a feat I would have never been able to accomplish on my own. Then, this woman I didn’t even know, started removing her jewelry and tried to bedazzle me with it. Sadly, my hands were much bigger than hers and I broke one of the bracelets trying to force it on my wrist. The necklace and bindi went on without a hitch however. I couldn’t get over her kindness and generosity.
Several of Daniels classmates were staying at the same hotel and we got to enjoy some fun group pictures before heading to the ceremony. Can’t believe we’ve been at this for almost 4 years with these guys! So proud of all of them, students and partners alike. It’s been a good, hard road . . . and we’re still traveling it, but we’re coming up on an exciting pit stop, match day and finally, graduation!

Arriving at the celebration and taking in the array of colorful saris and decorations was such a neat experience. We were here to celebrate and observe the engagement ceremony of a dear friend from medical school. I just love experiencing other cultures! The food, decorations, traditions, outfits, and performances were incredible.
The bride-to-be was escorted into the ceremony by her beaming family as they held a wispy, fabric canopy above her head as she walked.
The ceremony itself was a family affair, sisters reading, mothers reciting prayers, uncles declaring the arrangement, each member participating in a small meal uniting the two families. What a beauty different languages and cultures hold! God is such a good Creator!
It was an honor to observe and rejoice with them at this milestone in their lives. And boy do they know how to celebrate! Remember I said the performances were incredible? Each side of the family took turns showing off well practiced dance routines that involved a lot of jumping and twisting and hand motions . . . it was hysterical and very entertaining. A lot of laughter and smiles all around the room. Those people know how to groove and once the dance floor opened up I took a shot at it, and then it was their turn to be entertained . . . more like, amused.

We wish Richa and Rishabh all the best and are delighted that we got to celebrate their engagement with them. Can’t wait to hear how the wedding in India goes!
Unpinning and unwrapping the sari took some work, but I finally freed myself from the beautifully embellished cocoon of fabric. I left the bindi on to show my baby . . . I was so excited to see her in a few hours.
The drive home was pleasant, but the moment I would get to hold Aletheia in my arms again was ever on my mind. I wondered how she would react after not having seen us for 5 days.
Pretty soon I had my answer. Face lit up in satisfaction and surprise, but too busy for hugs and kisses. She wasn’t interested in running to us. All she wanted was for mommy and daddy to join her in the fun little “fort” Aunt KK had assembled for her. She didn’t care where we had been or why we were suddenly back. She just was excited we were with her again and wanted to continue on with her fun little life of living room forts, tickles, and family.

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