Our Adventure: Part IV

We woke up to visit with some of the most darling little girls, one of which was another newbie cousin we hadn’t met yet. Holding her reminded me of my darling girl back home and my heart began to ache a bit for a reunion. So grateful to have had the opportunity to stay with this family, even if the visit was as short as could be. Blessed by their generosity in letting us stay the night with them.
On the way out of town we swung by another childhood home. I’m not sure of how long we lived there, but I remember it well, having moved when I was 8 years old. It is absolutely shocking to find how much smaller things are than you remember them to be as a kid. The cute little house was now a cheery yellow instead of the once classic white. Favorite memory there? Pretending the living room couches were boats and the floor the ocean as Isaac and I “fished” for our dinner by “diving” in and “swimming” around the room. I snapped a quick picture, and we kept moving.
An hour later we met up with Grandpa John and enjoyed a classic diner breakfast along with fun conversation. Beware though, nothing but carbs and meat is served there. How else should a diner run things anyway? It’s how it should be. Grampola gave sweet hugs and we exchanged life updates and love. I’m happy to have had the short time to see him.
It’s a travel day. Our trip isn’t over yet. Chattanooga is the next destination, and we should be there in a few hours. Yes, I’m writing as we drive. We sorta lengthened our trip by stopping at the Cincinnati Outlet Mall. It’s huge! We didn’t count on it being a big sale weekend with lots of traffic, but it still worked out just fine since we got some good deals at Banana Republic. Yay!
I can’t get over what a refreshing thing it is to spend time with my hubby like this. My cup is full and overflowing with joy. I’ve been smiling stupidly like a newlywed all day as we chat and enjoy the sweetness of each other’s companionship. I have it so good.
We’re looking forward to the celebration in Chattanooga that lies ahead. But I’ll have to write about that tomorrow.


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