Our Adventure: Part III


I was getting a little perturbed at my migraine buddy by this point. He wasn’t invited on this trip, and couldn’t take the hint that he wasn’t welcome. I was determined though, determined to ignore his intrusion and enjoy the day that lay ahead of visiting with loved ones.
At 6:22 I sleepily rolled over to find my dapperly dressed husband adjusting his tie. Boy he looked good. I pulled on some comfy clothes and by 7:00 was seated in the car getting ready to taxi my husband to the University of Michigan for his big day. On the 10 minute drive I asked him if he slept well, if he felt nervous, and if we was excited. “Yes” to all. Before he left the car I asked if I could please take a picture. “No” to that. Oh well. But we did have a few minutes to pray together. How we desire for God to have His way in this process! “Lead us in Your path” is the prayer of our hearts. We’re totally free in our spirits about the direction God will take us at this point, and we hope that continues. Our hearts and minds keep trying to imagine all that He has planned, but we know we could never fully know all of the good He has written for our futures. We confidently rest in His will.
Returning to the hotel alone, I ate breakfast. Big Boy was the complimentary breakfast provided by the hotel. I think it’s a Michigan thing because I’ve never seen the rotund character in red and white checkered overalls anywhere else. Regardless, I somehow end up eating there on almost every Michigan visit. Read the book of Philippians in my little booth over eggs and bacon, something a mom doesn’t typically have the time to do in the mornings. So refreshed. Paul’s prayer for the saints, his encouragement, the example of Christ’s humility, the focus on true good and contentment was exactly what I needed as I contemplated the direction of my future.
Visiting with a good friend for the morning was delightful. She amazes me. 3 beautiful children under 3 years of age now look to her for loving direction, and she is rising to the challenge. It’s hard, real hard, but she is looking to the true strength of the Word and finds her help from the Lord. We talked over playdoh, sesame street, and mini crises that broke out over whose turn it was to play with this or that toy. Since kids, visits with friends have never been the same. But no matter how much talking we get done, it’s nice to just be there, with each other, and to be a part of their real, blessed with children, every day life. I love it.
Being an observer as my aunt packed up her dear belongings in preparation of the move from the home her husband and her shared for 10 years was a dear experience. He passed away over a year ago, and God has kindly and graciously provided a new home for them to live in, debt free. The transition is hard though, and I pray for her strength and the courage of her children. They were laughing and tossing jokes back and forth as they worked without complaint to make the emotionally difficult move. They inspire me. Amidst the odds and ends being corralled into brown moving boxes were precious treasures, pictures, newspaper clippings, cards, love letters, journals. I felt so honored to organize and carefully pack these up. One journal entry my young cousin wrote was a prayer to God concerning the election of 2008. She prayed for God’s will to be done and for the hearts of the presidential candidates to be changed towards godliness. How beautiful. I had the privilege of taking a tour of their new home as well, and what a beauty it is! Rejoicing in the God’s provision for them!
Met up with my older brother Isaac and enjoyed a Japanese steakhouse dinner with him and my hubby. I share such sweet, hilarious memories with Isaac. It’s always just a good time when we’re together, laughing over memories of “bright blue slushies”, Jordie Laforge headbands, and fishing in the living room.
On a last minute whim we stopped in to see some cousins and their beautiful babies. Somebody’s always havin’ a baby in this family so it’s hard to keep up with them all. I was giddy with excitement to meet the newbies, Violet being only 3 weeks old with the most awesome hair ever. Daniel was not as charming to the wee ones and scared the bajeebers out of Nick. Poor kid. Poor Daniel.
It was tough saying goodbye to the brother, but we didn’t want to keep our hosts up too late so we headed out. I already can’t wait to see him again. He is a dear brother, a dear friend, to me.
The night ended with a short visit with some more cousins and then a long, quiet visit with a comfy bed.

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