adventure is out there!

It was our first date as a married couple.

The little kid a few seats down was sadly sniffling and fighting back tears.

I kinda felt a little choked up myself.

There was no dialouge, no words, just music and images that conveyed so much. Friendship, love, everyday happenings, mundane, happiness, loss, grief, pain, and sacrifice were all skillfully communicated in the space of 8 minutes as we sat in that little movie theatre.


We love that beautiful little children’s movie.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Perhaps it’s because Dr. Hubs turns in his application for medical residency programs tomorrow. Perhaps it’s because I miss him and fancy tying thousands of balloons to our non-functional chimney and floating over to see him. Has anyone actually tried this? Does it work?

People ask me all the time, “What’s the next step?”, referring to my husband’s medical training.

“Well, there’s the rest of his 4th year and applying for residency, interviews, match day, moving to a yet-to-be-determined new place, residency, possibly a medical fellowship, board certification, etc, etc, etc”, I reply. {And that’s just within the next 4-6 years.}

And then I always end with, “It’s an adventure.”

And I mean that. I’m excited. I’m looking forward to the newness of change, the unknown, the freshness of new beginnings.

But somehow, with all the looking forward I’ve been doing, I’ve lost sight of the adventure of today.

Aletheia is so good for this. Every time she discovers something new, a rock, a puddle, a butterfly, a bee {Oh honey, don’t touch that!}, she brings my far off gaze back to the present.

She reminds me that there is much to be experienced today, much to be enjoyed. In a recent letter to me my husband wrote:

We should not expect to live in a constant, steady climb. Life is not a ski lift. It’s a terrain that has ups and downs, hills and valleys. Yet for the Christian, even though he should find himself in the valley, he knows the journey goes ever upward. We may not notice it at times, but we shall yet look back and find ourselves higher up than before with a view more spectacular than the last. There is a thrill in the everyday, if only we don’t give in to the dulling effects of our sin and the fall.

He should be a writer, no?

I’m so grateful for a husband and daughter that don’t let me miss out on the beauty and excitement of today. They are to me what Russell was to Mr. Fredricksen; people that beautifully interrupt my day and plans to let me in on the adventure of their lives.

Today’s adventure? Watching Ali learn to brave a slide at the park all by herself, 25 times in a row.

Andrew Peterson wrote a song that goes perfectly with this reflection. I hope you have time to listen. It’s beautiful.


Adventure is out there!

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  1. Love Andrew Peterson and the song you posted (my brother actually is one of his CD cover designers…so cool!) Thanks for posting this!

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